America is the only country without a government ran health care system. For decades we have been a country that wants to lead instead of follow, but consequently, we are behind in health care advancement, education, and employment. We think that any other system other than ours is wrong, so we attach the socialism label to anyone with an idea of reform. It is time for America to follow Canada, Australia, France, and Japan on twitter. Some of their twitter updates would read: "Government ran health care and doing fine," "We don't have a black guy to blame," "For the past decade we decided to help our people instead of creating fictional wars (Just to name a few). In other countries  such as Japan, people visit the doctor 10-20 times a year, not because of life threatening illnesses, but for checkups. To catch cancer before it spreads, to acknowledge the symptoms of the flu and treat it before it inflames, these are reasons to be checked up, these are reasons for health care reform. In France, Australia, Japan, and Canada no one is denied health insurance for pre-existing conditions. Here, in America, if you had cancer before you better believe if it comes back your health care won't. They have lower infant mortality rates and healthier lifestyles which strengthens the health care system. There are some set backs though; the long lines. In all of my research I have found and concluded that the most important issue proposed about a free health care system would be the waiting period to be helped also known as the 'crowding out effect'. I honestly cannot imagine if America had a stable health care system no one would complain about the lines, as if they are not long as it is. Going to the hospital now to schedule an appointment can take 2 weeks to a month here and you would still have to pay if you don't have insurance. Long lines at McDonalds waiting for a greasy Quarter Pounder with cheese seems more time allocated than waiting in line to get a checkup. It seems that waiting in line to detriment your health seems to be more important than waiting in line to become better. A stable health care system is needed or we can be stuck in the mindset of George Bush whom once said, "I mean, people have access to health care in America. After all, you just go to an emergency room." In France, social security funds  80% of the population, the financing is supported by employers, employee contributions, and personal income taxes. In France, Medicare is the universal health insurance and it is for everyone not just for the elderly. The government picks up the tab for the unemployed who cannot gain coverage through a family member. Chronic diseases, such as diabetes, and critical surgeries, such as a coronary bypass, are reimbursed at 100%. Cancer patients are treated free of charge. To make sure there is never a shortage of doctors, French doctors don't have to pay back their student loans because medical school is paid for by the state, and in its 2000 assessment of world health care systems, the World Health Organization found that France provided the "best overall health care" in the world". In Australia, all legal permanent residents are entitled to free public hospital care. In Canada, basic services are provided by private doctors with the entire fee paid for by the government, but in America we still have over 50 million citizens without basic health insurance. Rhianna might be "The Only Girl in the World," but America is "The Only Country in the World" that still has an inadequate health care system. With our many advancements in science and technology, we are somehow trumped by other countries. It is sad that our current health care system had to be reformed so much that it is taking years to get a basic concept through the door. We still have politicians repealing the idea of health care reform instead of finding conceptual ways to fix it. We are a country compartmentalized into making drastic choices like whether or not to go to Starbucks or Dunkin' Donuts, or whether or not purchase a Mac or a PC, but when will we be able to perform the cognitive decision to choose from health care incentives and benefits. I guess we are in competition with the red-winged blackbirds, the fish, and the cows for health care seeming how nearly 2000 birds dropped from the sky, thousands of fish washed up on the shore, and 200 cows died; are humans next? Its sad that the older you get the more money you have to spend to stay alive, and the younger you are the higher the chances you wont be able to afford health care. We've had price tags attached to us since we were born, I wonder how much I am worth, I guess we will find out when the proper, justified, and constitutional bill comes to pass. Until then, don't get hit by a falling bird which will cause you to go to the hospital to realize your insurance wont cover your head injury because random acts of birds is not insured under your health insurance (Thanks).
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Peace Out 2010

Life is moving so fast. It's a wonderful. Just dance to the rhythm or slow down the record from time to time.  This year was great, had alot of gifts from the universe learned alot of lessons, started playing with more kids, made some major moves both literally and figuratively, had my feathers ruffled some, ruffled some others feathers, had my morals/standards uncomfortably tested, grew a little, shrank a little, became a better person in someways, and I'm sure worst in others, overall it's been a good year, but I'm ready to let it go and march right into 2011. I'm thankful for what is, but must admit I want more. Not necessary more stuff but more options, visibility, challenges and influence.  I'm more decisive than I've ever been and more excepting and expressive of that.  I'm expecting alot of my self so I'm sure I'll be raising hell, blastin' open doors, screaming, dancing, traveling and apologetically making shiny, sharp things in 2011. Peace out 2010, and Hello there 2011, let's dance. PS, and as for how I feel about the stuff going on outside of my arms reach, my gal Dodai couldn't have said it better
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The Junkyard, home of Junkprints and Brooklyn35 will open it’s doors to the public for this intimate 4 day shopping extravaganza. We'll be celebrating the holidays and our recent collaborative project Junkprints Radio. This unique event is taking place Dec. 16th -19th at the Junkyard, 66 Washington Ave Brooklyn NY 11205, in the Navy Yard/Clinton Hill region of brooklyn. Join us friday and saturday for live music performances on starting at 7p on both evening.
Friday's performances includes sets from Brooklyn35 artist TeenBeats and Sole Blind. Performance starts at 7pm Run The Streets by TEENBEATS produced by GABRIEL STARRC
Saturday's performances includes sets from Brooklyn35 artist Dana Athens. Performance starts at 7pm Brooklyn Breeze TEASER by Dana Athens and The Faculty
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Since moving the Junkyard Studio (home of Junkprints) I've been all about decor. As I have scoured interior design mags, decor shops, etsy and all other outlets I've noticed that when it comes to interiors, yer either going 'ethnic' (I really hate that word) or some European design time frame, not very much in between. But ya'll know that I'm all about bright colors,juxtaposition and the destruction of racism (in all forms including exoticism) so I bring you the worldly pillow set. This pillow set is one of a kind and comes with 3 pillows, a mama one, a daddy one, and a baby one. Just like the three bears but with yellow dingleberries.

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Check out this lovely video Amon did on junkprints. I met Amon at the 'Welcome to the Junkyard' event and he casually told me how he's photographer,videographer, but like most super duper talented people he was very subdued and down played his skill. I'm blown away with this work, particularly his video work and loves how he seems to connect with his subjects while letting the viewer know that he loves doing what he does.  Check out more of  his work.

JUNKPRINTS from Amon Focus on Vimeo.

the video was even picked picked up by the The Fort Green Local blog.
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The promotional campaign is officially on!!! I Love, I really love music. In a time like this, when hipsterism and the fear of being a hater have tainted our judgment on the music we like, I have decided to make ya'll a lil mix tape. I swear if I hear one more person say "I love all kinds of music and have 8 terabytes of everything including songs that don't even exist yet" or something along those lines I'm going to puke! C'mon son, we all know you have like 10 songs that you play on repeat...don't be ashamed, it's okay to have a preference. I have preferences and want to share them with you (like I always do ;). So here's the story of the EP, some of the tracks I kinda begged for, and some were inspired by a retarded long list of songs I was really feeling that month. I distributed the list to my super talented musician pals, kinda made them work together under the direction of Mr. Tough Dumplin and they returned with this.  This project was filled with many late nights on the roof of an undisclosed Red Hook building, a stuffy Kensington Bedroom Room, coast to coast chit chats,  jokes, tears, new friendships and old ones. Hope you enjoy it as much as I do and tons of love and thx to all the musicians on Junkyard Radio! Junkprints Radio Vol. 17

The following is the track listing and here's a link to the whole thing! Now ya'll know that this project wouldn't be complete with nifty packaging and a collection of merchandise including apparel, skate decks accessories and shoes inspired by the ep. This limited edition Cassette tape USB is free with selected online purchases. 1. Two Weeks by Earl Greyhound Vocals: Matt Whyte & Kamara Thomas Guitar: Matt Whyte Bass: Kamara Thomas Drums: Chris Bear 2. Brooklyn Breeze Lyrics & Vocals: Dana Athens Production: Brian "Raydar" Ellis & Lee Turley for The Faculty Enterprise 3. Let It Fly Lyrics & Vocals: Raydar Ellis,Tough Dumplin Teen Beats, R.ME George Reefah Production:  Brian "Raydar" Ellis & Lee Turley For The Faculty Enterprise Bass: Lee Turley Additional Keyboards & Sounds : Lee Turley 4. JunkYard Radio Lyrics, Vocals & Production: Brownbird Rudy Relic 5. Toro Toro Toro - Remix Vocals & Lyrics: Lisa Marr Original version appeared on the EP "Soda and Lisa Sing You Some Songs" Remix Production:  Shahab Zargari 6. Rolla Skatin' - Remix Lyrics & Vocals: Manchilde feat. Tough Dumplin & R.ME Production: Think Twice 7. Fighting Discrimination Lyrics & Vocals: A very nice guy Production: Tough Dumplin 8. Kate Goes to Jail Lyrics & Vocals: Teen Beats feat. Eliki Production: Teen Beats 9. Brooklyn35 by Tough Dumplin & TBD Production: Tough Dumplin
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Tomorrow we will be hitting the road and heading to DC. This is the very first out of town market for Junkprints. I'm super duper and excited and scrambling to get everything in order.  So far things are going pretty smooth. In the last 2 weeks I've released over 20 new items, now that the space is all in order. I've been making like crazies. The Junkyard EP is still in the works. Along with it a slew of tees, hoodies, keds and skate decks (even some iphone cases) The tracks are arranged , mixed and the new items have been designed. This collab effort has been great but has taken forevers to get going. Guess I'm learning how to work with people. Once someone told me 'one travels faster alone, and further with companions' So I've tried to keep this in mind during this process and give the project the patience it requires. More on that later! DC is calling. This saturday if you're near the nations capital, stop by and say hi and buy more junk 😉 Crafty Bastards Arts and Craft Sale! WHEN: OCTOBER 2nd 10-5p WHERE:Marie Reed Learning Center at 18th & Wyoming in the Adams Morgan neighborhood of Washington, DC New laptop sleeves available in 2 flavors and multiple sizes!

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This is one of the busiest markets that I do! Atlantic Antic draws up to 1 million attendees onto Atlantic Avenue to celebrate the Antic's longstanding tradition of eclectic food, festivities, and fun! Junkprints will have a tent set up! See ya soon! WHEN:Sunday, September 26, 2010 10:00 am - 6:00 pm WHERE: In front of 473 Atlantic Ave, Btwn Nevins and 3rd, Brooklyn NY For more info click here!
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