COME OUT TO PLAY… a Warriors Themed Art Show. Somewhere in Brooklyn a collective of artists is being assembled. Each will be supplied a blank “canvest” and asked to create their own interpretation of the globally recognized leather Warriors vest. The work is will be on display until Oct. 7th.

Participating Artists Adrian Viajero Roman Arlene Rodrigo Benny of Inkspirations Borish Chanel Kennebrew Chris RWK Danielle Mastrion Eddie Soto gioBUZZsaw Juan Doe KA M.Tony Peralta Marthalicia & Jorge Matarrita Masahiro Ito Mike Die Miopuma Nelson Caban Nelson Host Santiago Pazer Salo See One Sien Ide Sinned Spaze Craft IBM Toofly Wilfredo Guadalupe Veng Zees & Ms Mensen & more… “COME OUT TO PLAY” is an art show curated by Randy Quiles – co-founder of Fresthetic based in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. It is a tribute to The Warriors, the 1979 cult classic movie from Paramount Pictures. The iconic film serves as an unceremonious interpretation of the diverse collectives that make up Brooklyn and its surrounding boroughs. It is a reminder of the political, social, and economical adversity that each of the boroughs and the individuals within have faced. Brooklyn itself has seen many changes ranging from the gentrification of Williamsburg to the drastic reconstruction of Coney Island. For those that can remember, the Brooklyn we all knew and loved still continues to slip further away over the years no matter how closely we grip it to our chests. Very much like a Warrior we find ourselves stranded and forlorn amid the changes and adversity as we make every attempt to fight our way back to a Brooklyn we once knew… Honestly, I never REALLY knew the old Brooklyn and may even be part of the gentrification, but the little I did know as a youth growing up in Cali, was enough to make a 10 yr old Cali gal know that I would live,work and create in Brooklyn. So much soul in BK, thx for letting an outsider roll with te OGs. I'm honored to be showing alongside some of BK's finest.
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Dwelling: The Eames House

Continuing on with the dwelling series check out this house.

This is the Eames House it was apart of a project called The Case Study House Program in the 1940’s to early 1960’s. It was one out of the 25 homes that were built which had to use furnishings, techniques, etc. derived from the second world war and implemented into the modern world. The homes could either be for a real client or a fictional client. The architects of this house Charles and Ray Eames had a concept of having the home being for a married couple whose career is in the design field. They wanted to show the “clients” career with the house. They also wanted to show a shock factor while keeping the peace and tranquility with the overall landscape.

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The Art of Sleeping

As you read this right now you might be at work or class, or have taken a "professional day" off. I'm sure that most of you are wishing you were back in bed cuddled up inside the warm covers and sleeping. If you're not maybe you have some secret energy trick that I don't know of, or maybe you are lying to yourself because the truth is everyone is tired. I have been coming across very interesting articles about public sleeping online recently and thought that I would share some of the best ones with you while at the same time wishing I were asleep with the television on. A girl can dream, can't she? A private member's club in London offers a "Lazy Lawn" designed by Tom Dixon where members can lounge, sleep, or sunbathe their days away. In Toronto, The Z's by the C project is encouraging people to participate in a napping initiative aimed at promoting citizens' rights to public space. In Austria, visitors can spend a night at the Das Park Hotel where the hotel's "pay as you wish" policy allows them to sleep in sections of used pipes. Now I don't think I would ever go here, but if you are interested in going to prison without a sentence then you can visit the Karosta Prison in Latvia. At this "hotel" which was formally (as recently as 1997) a prison, visitors can pay to be treated as prisoners and sleep on a wooden plank or a dusty single bed.
The Museum of Science and Industry is looking for someone to move into the museum 24/7 for thirty days this fall as a part of a unique experiment. If you become the museum's "roommate" you will win $10,000 dollars.
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African Vogue

As a campaigned for Vogue’s publishers to create an African version of its magazine photographer Mario Epanya spent months doing a photo shoots, beautiful creating fictional magazine covers, featuring only African models to show his vision. Conde Nast, who is the Vogues publishers, rejected his vision. I don’t see why we have to go to Vogue to validate culture. Vogue is for fashion not an endorser of culture.

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Essence of McQueen

Alexander McQueen’s clothing designs were always a shock factor to the fashion world. Along with his very eccentric designs his concepts are another contributing factor to what made him a very profound designer.

McQueen doesn’t go with the trend. He exploits sexuality within his work by just tracing it back to the body form. He sculpts out the lumps, bumps, and proportions in that form.

McQueen work goes beyond just fashion design. It is more like a work of art. His approach to presenting this work of art has the same visual appeal as if you were viewing a painting on a wall.

Just like his clothes McQueen goes into great lengths to bring excitement and amazement in with his fashion shows. It doesn’t feel like watching a normal fashion show, it’s more like watching performance art, as the openings are dramatic as well as aesthetically pleasing.

What I found amazing about McQueen is that he didn’t have a wealthy up bringing; his parents were normal working class folks. His hard work and passion was what got him to reach the to the top.

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Dwelling: Home of the Future?

As I watch the renovation of the junkyard coming together my love of space and architecture begins to re-ignite more and more. I remember when I was in high school I took a summer class in architecture at my local college. There was a discussion on the bounds of “convention way of living” and there was a video to go along with that topic. The video features this new and upcoming home structure called loft cubes, which are these, tiny (approx. 588ft) with windows on all for sides. For some reason I have an interest in puzzles and combinations, so when I found out that multiple units can attach and detach to each other, I absolutely fell in love. Plus, you can easily relocate the unit from one place to another. Also with the panoramic views, small utility bill, it provides a very simplistic and eco way of living.
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Don’t Need to Hop the Train

Hey all! I came across an awesome idea for livable space. Why spend all your money on wood and bricks where you can take a freight car and turn it into a home. It kind of reminds me of legos; you can build up, down, side ways, zigzag wherever. I love the idea of being able to rearrange a structure… as long as it doesn’t do a Jenga and tip over.

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