Vibe magazine was one the most influential publication for me. In fact it was because of Vibe Magazine that I majored in photography and started doing editorial. As I got older, got a bit of experience and was exposed to more stuff my directives changed abit. None the less it was the very first magazine that I had a subscription too and greatly helped to shape my visual language...ya'll remember the illustration issue that they would put out every year? I must admit It's been a while since I've been excited about a Vibe issue, but as a 12 yr old kid all I needed was some Sanrio stickers and a Vibe mag and I was good to go. It's sad to see that Vibe is no more...though I feel a lot better about the closing of Vibe than I did of Missbehave. Guess I just understand where Vibe is coming from, making mags is expensive and in some ways an obsolete media outlet. It's wild to think that the internets has killed so many of my photo editorial inspirations. Over the weekend I went mag shopping. I use to go once a month but over the years it's been greatly reduced due to the fact that I'm no longer looking to be introduced to new things through magazines, it's more about layout, images and collection of articles and or stories. I find that I enjoy Colors alot more than any of my teen faves due to the fact that its beatifully done and  just talks about people...not celebrities...just people. While I'm pouring out liquor for dead mags I'll give a big ups to Ego Trip,  and Suede ...and pray that Frank and Trace mags can survive as print publications.
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Sorry folks. Well let me fill ya'll in. I've been working on the Brooklyn Bodega site. Don't forget to get those Brooklyn Hip Hop Festival tickets. I'm planning on renegading the Roots Picnic with Junkprints stuff (yay the beginning of the JP road trips) and thought it was this weekend so I made a trillion of these wallets, but it's next (time to get my helmet adjusted). I've fallen in love with Yams at Grunge Cake Crisis magazine. Take a look at this video she did on me...it's a nice day and I'm super giddy. Chanel Kennebrew, Owner of Junkprints.com X GrungeCake! from The GrungeCake Crisis World Mag on Vimeo. I'm taking a cont. ed Flash class...It's beena while since I've been in school and I must admit I'ma  bit rusty at being a student, but my teacher is a fabulous flash guru and of geniouses existed, I'd def be one after this class.
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Okay so you're allowed to buy 1 non Junkprints bag. This amazing MAGNETOPHON-CASE, made by Newafresh is really doing it for me. I know, in January I was raving about nostalgic radios and tapes being played out by urban outfitters but dopeness is dopeness and this case is fly. While I'm on the topic of music and fashion I have to show case another fantastic take on the topic. I've been in love with Miss Elizaveta's work since I first laid my junky eyes on it. I think what I like most about it is that it's the opposite of  'reasonable' and yet it has a real sensibility about it. She's also the one who put me on to Boom box case. Flud watches and me were bound to meet. My bro-in law had a photo shoot recently and showed me a pretty nifty watch, It wasn't all that, but I did like the case. While vending at the Recessionista shindig last sunday I spotted that same case, but watch in this case was amazing.  I'm not really big on watches the concept of being shackled to time bugs me out a bit  but the concept of rocking an oversized men's peice sound lovely. By the price points I have a feeling that they aren't made domestically . Can I have my cake and eat it too?
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Some Black folks in North America wanna be African REAL bad, they take African dancing (as if Africa is city w/ 1 style of dance) wear Kente cloth that was made in China and listen to Fela. I love Fela as much as the next person but it's like we have such a warped sense of self that we've filled in the blanks with this idea of 'Africa' and run around calling each other King and Queen (as if everyone on the whole continent was a Queen or King, hey some folks were/are farmers, prostitutes, traveler and or thieves. And if we're making up some magical idea of Africa is, than what about the perspective of the various people in Africa. I just feel like some extreme pan Africanism is Fakin' the funk. So I've decided to explore his with my aFAKIN Collection. All pieces are limited edition and are made from fabric rescued from a closed down textile store...and yes the 'African' batik fabric wasn't even made in any part of Africa, but it was labeld 'African Fabric'...my point exactly. This will debut on Junkprints.com in Early May
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We’ve got a whole lot of these fancy Dookyblog stickers. If you’d like one for FREE send a hand written note and a S.A.S.E to

Junkprints.com 481 Van Brunt Street Flr 4,Suite C, BLDG 7D Brooklyn, New York 11231

We spend half the day picking our noses and digging in our butts so it can take us a while to get those stickers out. Please allow up to 4 weeks for delivery.  Thx for your patience

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