Parents Understand, but They Just Don’t Care

When I was fifteen I really wanted to get a second hole in ears. Very daring, right. Yeah, I know it's really no big deal nowadays. I decided that rather than do it myself like some of my friends did with a needle and a lemon, I would do the honorable thing and ask my mother for permission first. To my dismay, she flat out told me no. Her reasoning was that it would look unprofessional in the corporate world. Yeah, because I was really thinking a lot about the corporate world when I fifteen. Right. At the time I just accepted and til this day do not have my second holes pierced because I eventually got bored with the idea. Now the most interesting part of this story is what happened the day after I asked my mother about get my ears pierced. The next day we go to the mall and to my surprise she gets a second hole in her ears. The first thought that ran through my mind was, "Oh no she di-in't" and the second thought was, "hyprocrisy, hypocrisy, HYPORCRISY". You would believe how mad I got that one day she says I can't do something and then the next day she goes on and does it herself. Eventually, I calmed down and asked her why she decided to get it done and she told me it was because she was old, already had a good job, and didn't need to impress anyone. I still think it was a lame excuse, but I accept it. Now don't get me wrong, my mother is the most fabulous person in the world to me and I feel myself eerily becoming more like her everyday, but what I learned from that experience is that as much as we think our parents don't understand us and how it is to be young the truth is that they do. They were young once just like us, and am sure were just as rebellious towards the generation before them. So, contrary to the words of the Fresh Prince, parents really do understand, but they just don't care because they're old, already have jobs, and don't need to impress they say. In other words, they paid their dues and as Sheree from The Real Housewives of Atlanta would say, "Who Gonna Check Me Boo?"
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Poor Little Rich Girls

In the last decade I have noticed an onslaught of television shows about upper crust teens and their behavior. Whether the show revolved around a birthday party or just reflected daily happenings; these shows have exposed the world to the lifestyles of the rich and not-so famous. After years of watching some of these shows and losing an irrecuperable amount of brain cells in the process I have recently noticed a growing trend of shows in which the family and friends of these usually spoiled teens are beginning to cut the purse strings and force the teens to appreciate the value of a dollar. I definitely used to throw salt at these teens. Not because I wanted to be like them, but because I was annoyed at how spoiled and arrogant they acted. Now I actually feel bad for them. Just a teeny weeny tad bit. I can understand the necessity of these spoiled teens to appreciate how blessed they are, but I believe that the parents on these shows need to take more responsibility. I don't think that it's right for a parent to treat their daughter like a princess her whole life and then suddenly threaten to cut off all funds because they become bratty and spoiled. I don't know what the parents expected to happen. When you give somebody a Fendi purse for their fourth birthday what do you expect them to ask for on their sixteenth birthday? It was the job of the parents to provide their children with the tools they needed to survive in the real world. A world where nobody cares how many times you've been to St. Tropez, but rather how many cups of coffee you can get for the 9am Progress Meeting in the conference room. In the real world, nobody cares if you are Daddy's Little Girl unless "Daddy" owns the company. People are products of their environment, so how can these girls really be completely blamed for their behavior. It's just like Jay-Z said, "When you're used to Filet  Mignon it's kinda hard to go back to Hamburger Helper".
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Dooky in Po0p Culture

Just in case you haven't read our lovely header; you're at the Dookyblog. Greetings and salutations to all our new comers and regulars. Some people may find our chosen moniker strange, but to us in the Junkprints clan it makes perfect sense. I'm sure Chanel's reasoning for the name differs from mine, but to me, Dookyblog is the perfect name for the blog of Junkprints because dooky is a kind of junk and plus we credit our site as "A fine place to talk sh!t". However, if you are looking for the latest celebrity gossip you won't find it here. Have you ever thought about Dooky before? I just thought I'd put that out there because it sounds absolutely absurd. Maybe it's because I write for a blog that goes by the name of Dooky, but I have realized that there have been great moments in Dooky history. So many, in fact, that I  feel that it would be a great disservice not to share them with you. I'd like to start off with a quick definition of the word dooky (as if you didn't already know). Dooky( also spelled as dookie): crap, poo, sh!t, ca-ca, fecal matter, the list goes on. Okay, now we can begin: 1980s: Dookie Rope Chains

Big Daddy Kane

Dookie Rope Chains were the jewelry of choice in Hip-Hop for artists like Slick Rick and Rakim, among many others. According to DJ Jazzy Jeff, "Slick Rick had the most [ropes], but I think Rakim did it better than everybody else. The Fila suit with one gold chain-it was fly!" Rope chains were most certainly fly. Wearing one or many meant that you were relevant in the streets.  The late rapper Easy-E once said, "Everybody on tour had a big rope. You wasn't nothing if you ain't had your big rope. The bigger rope determines your status." 1990s: Dookie Braids
"Sheneneh" from Martin
Janet Jackson in Poetic Justice
I'm sure that this style was worn well before the 1990s, but they were popularized on a wider scale by Janet Jackson in the movie Poetic Justice and Sheneneh on the television show Martin. A little tidbit about me: In high school I dressed up as Sheneneh one year for Costume Day. Unfortunately, living in the suburbs I should've known better because most kids were unfamiliar with the character. Sucks to be them because Martin was a really funny show, so they definitely missed out on it. Also, does anyone remember the British girl group Cleopatra? They wore dookie braids a lot in the 90s. At the time I was so fascinated by the group that I mimicked the style and referred to it as "Cleopatra Braids". No, I will not post any pictures of that. I think we've seen enough of my childhood days. 1994: Green Day Dookie Album
Dookie Album Cover
Dookie was Green Day's third full studio album. The album is the group's best selling album to date and their only album to reach diamond status. Yes, I'm talking about diamond as in "diamond's are a girl's best friend", diamonds. The following are some of the most popular songs on the album:
  • "When I Come Around"
  • "Welcome to Paradise"
  • "Basket Case:
  • "She"
  • "Longview"
2006: No that's not a sh!t stain on your computer's the birth of the Dookyblog!
Last Halloween (2009) Chanel dressed up as a Cat Person. Pretty awesome costume. You won't believe what I dress up as.
In May of 2006 the Dookyblog was birthed on blogger by Chanel. The birth of the dooky happened like this: Way back when in 2006 the word blog used to be a very dirty word. So, one day Chanel saw a couple on the subway full on making out and she yelled at them, "Why don't you guys get a room!" Then the male half of the couple came up for air and yelled back at her, "Why don't you go and blog yourself!" Then Chanel thought to herself, "Maybe I will". Sometime later the Dookyblog was born with Chanel having to raise it as a single mother until.... 2009: Anuli to the rescue!
I dressed up as a Lion Tamer. Pretty funny since we didn't plan it. I wish we were in the same city because I couldn't find anything to tame in my city, so I bought a pen with a lion on it. Yes, I know that's lame, but I couldn't find any good stuffed animals or a cat person.
In case you forgot, my name is Anuli and I contribute to the Dookyblog? Why? Because I can and child neglect is not cool. I'm like it's second mother. Not every blog has two mommies, but Lil Dookyblog knows that every blog family is different and special. Some blog families have a mommy and a daddy, but ours doesn't which is perfectly fine. This is how we met. This is where I started talking sh!t.
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Music Monday: Coast to Coast Music Anthems

You can tell a lot about an area by the music that represents it. Let's take a musical journey across the nation, shall we? Please note that the songs were not chosen by any sort of musical merit, but rather because they aim to describe a certain kind of people that live in an area. Some say that the West Coast is the best coast. I think they say that just because it rhymes. Either way we'll start there with Katy Perry's "California Girls" featuring Snoop Dogg. Below are the lyrics to the song: First, I'll note that they do not play the version featuring Snoop Dogg on all radio stations. Personally, I think the song sounds much better with him on it, but I digress. So, what have we learned about California from this song. 1. California seems to be overtly focused on appearance. 2. Absolutely everyone goes to the beach. 3. Every classy lady sips Gin and Juice. 4. Californian girls are unforgettable. Maybe it's because they're all on television. I'm sure California can't be this bad. I'll have to visit one day. I think I need some more information about California and while we're at it let's throw in every other coast with the "Welcome to Atlanta" remix featuring...everyone. Atlanta 1. Freaknik will never be the same. 2. Everyone (black that is) lives in Atlanta. 3. The Waffle House is the best late night hot spot. Sounds yummy. 4. There's a party every night. Do people actually work there? 5. There has to be interesting things in other parts of Georgia. Maybe Atlanta should just be it's own state. Just kidding. New York 1. New Yorkers are rude. Diddy starts his verse out with "Welcome to New York M*****F******" 2. Out-of-towner's should carry mace; just to be safe. 3. Yankees rule supreme. 4. New Yorkers are cocky. That's a given though. 5. To go anywhere in New York you have to roll deep like Diddy. What was he at that time? Diddy, Puffy, Sean? Who ever he was he had a large crew of people in the video. St. Louis 1. They "hop to what's hip".  No words. 2. What happened to the St. Lunatics? What's really good? 3. Remember when people used to wear jerseys? Glad those days are gone. 4. Did Nelly get paid from Nike for his song "Air Force Ones"? 5. Murphy Lee says St. Louis girls are essentially loose women. Fellas start your engines. 6. They "learn from Ike Turner". Really, just because it rhymes doesn't mean it's right. 7. After this do I really want to cross that bridge. I'll think about it. California (again) 1. What are polyseeds? 2.  "Alot of homies like to wear there pizzerm. Hair longer than hers short with the fizzurbs". The guy's hair are longer than the girl's hair. What do they sell over there "Just For Me... For Men"? 3. I'm glad Snoop's  Izzle Shizzle s*** isn't spoken anymore. 4. According to Snoop the drug scene is rampant. 5. Block parties seem fun, but then there's that whole "cold hearted killas" thing. 6. Katy Perry's California seems much safer. If California gets to go again then it's only fair to do New York again. Plus, how can I do this post without talking about "Empire State of Mind" by Jay-Z featuring Alicia Keys. 1. People there bleed Yankee blue. 2. They really don't like tourists. 3. Most people don't make it in New York as previously advertised. 4. Doorknockers are still in style. 5. Can't talk about the city without fashion. 6. No one sleeps in New York. and Ambien sales are through the roof. 7. New York is a dreamer's paradise full of inspiration for the creative. Now all of those places are alright, but I would like to end this trip at our nation's capital and my hometown. That's right, Washington, D.C. which is a part of the DMV (Department of Motor Vehicles D.C. Maryland Virgina). "Go-Go" is a very popular music genre in the DMV area. Below is a Go-Go song about the nation's capital. Enjoy! 1. We're less aggressive than New Yorkers. 2. Still dangerous though. 3. "Keeping it real" means that we re-elect officials with drug problems. 4. Everything is "Cowboys and 'Indians' ". 5. Videos are low-budget...for now. Wait til Go-Go blows up. 6. "Stop taking us lightly".
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They Called Her Electric

Have you ever thought about old age? Sometimes I've thought about how I will be when I'm a senior citizen. Would I still be as active or as vital as I am now or will I have to depend on others to take care of me? My grandmother has been staying with us for a few weeks now and during her stay I have learned a little more about her life. My grandmother on my father's side is seventy-eight years old and is my only living grandparent. I would best describe our relationship as "Lost in Translation" because I do not speak much of our native language Igbo and she speak very little English. Interesting enough, somehow we make due. My grandmother is slowly beginning to develop Dementia. Sometimes she wants to go to the basement, but ends up wandering on the top floor of the house, confused because she can't find her room. Last year when she visited us from Nigeria she almost broke my heart. We were talking and then I left the room. Five minutes I came back only for her to ask my mother who that person sitting on the couch was. For her to forget me so quickly really saddened me, but I understood it was something out of her control. The other day, my grandmother and I were talking about her teenage years. This time my dad was doing the translating. She told me people use to call her Electric because of her energy and vitality. My father told me that she used to have suitors down the block waiting to marry her before she met my grandfather. Both proclaimed how beautiful she was way back when. To see her now you would definitely say that she was still beautiful. I think she looks pretty good for seventy-eight. Would I say that she was still energetic and vital? No. She has a hard time walking, especially up and down the stairs. She also needs to be taken care of by others. One time we left her to look over my five year old sister and I thought to myself, "Who's watching whom?" A lot of times we judge the elderly and act as if they are less than us because sometime they need more help doing things, or are not as technologically advance as us. If anything we should try to listen more and learn from them because history really does repeat itself. Just because the currents are not as strong as they used to be does not mean that my grandmother isn't still Electric.
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We over in Junkprints/Tough Dumplin land have teamed up w/ the fine folks of Earl Greyhound, The Faculty (Jared Pauley, Lee Turley and Raydar Ellis), GR Records, and a slew of other musicians including Dana Athens to bring you an incredible collection of music.  This collection will be packaged released w/ Junkprints merch!!! We are still getting our ish together for the launch, but in the mean of the featured artists Raydar Ellis is performing a few of the songs from the release at the Blue Note tomorrow night! This will be a special evening as Raydar will be celebrating several events including the collaborative project with fashion line Junkprints and his production team The Faculty Enterprise, his own solo EP and his birthday. Performing along with his own band they will present material from both of his recent releases as well as classic selections from both his own career and his musical heritage. Special guest artists will be invited to perform and help celebrate the artist and educator innovating a generation through the music of Raydar Ellis. DATE: SAT. JUNE 5TH 2010 WHERE: BLUE NOTE JAZZ CLUB 131 W, 3rd St NY NY TIME: 12AM-2AM COVER: $10
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She’s So Cold

I am a fan of public transit for one very vital reason; it saves me the headache of dealing with traffic. Unfortunately, for me it is not as cost effective because the closest train stop to my house is an half hour drive away. The worst aspect about public transit for me is the public aspect of it especially at the end of the workday when people cram into the trains like clowns in a car. Usually when there are limited seat options I try consciously try to sit by a woman because honestly I know that they will most likely not utter a word to me and that sometimes sitting next to a man can result in an unwarranted conversation. After sometime of doing this I got to thinking. Why are women (myself included) so cold? Not only to each other, but to the opposite sex. I figured that I would take the time to provide some answers to the question: Woman to Man: In general I would like to say that I am a really nice person. Sometimes to the point of being too nice if that's possible. However, when it comes being alone in public I operate by the rule of "stranger danger". One reason that a woman may come off as acting cold towards a man in public is because of the countless stories we hear about women being raped, abducted, or harassed by men. As a woman you always have to be cautious about who you talk to because you never know what may happen. Another reason a woman may act cold towards  the opposite sex is because there are men out there who do not understand what limits are. Whether it is knowing that a woman is not in the mood to talk or feeling that he has every right to attempt to sit hideously close to her knowing that he has halitosis. Body language is key fellas. If a woman clutches her purse when you walk by, turns her head, or looks away it means she's uncomfortable either around you or by someone else. Don't take it as arrogance. Rather take it as a means of self-protection. Woman to Woman: I've never been the type to consciously act cold towards another woman . Maybe it is because of the bonds of sisterhood. Yes, that was cheesy.  However, there are some women who are rude to other women. I can't really speak for them, but I will speculate why they may be cold to other women. First, some women are very insecure and can initially dislike someone for a reason as petty as their handbag. Secondly, some women have had bad experiences dealing with other women in the past which leads them to think all women are evil, including you. Don't take it too personally. Do you think women are cold? What is your take on the issue?
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The Journal of the Century: “The Making and Saving of Money”

I recently acquired the most fascinating book from a local book sale. The book entitled, The Journal of the Century takes a look back at popular articles that have been written in the Ladies Home Journal and includes articles that go back to the 1880s when the magazine was first published. What I have found most interesting about the book is that some of the issues written about are still relevant today. It really epitomizes the old adage, "history repeats itself". I thought it would be neat to share some highlights of my favorite articles from the book, so you could see for yourself. The first article I will like to share with you in this series of posts is entitled, "The Making and Saving of Money" and was written by Henry Clews in the 1880s. Below are some tips from the article on money: "The first step to acquiring a fortune lies in hard work." "Save something each day no matter how little you earn." "Keep a bank account." "Do not take up this or that scheme at a venture, but examine it carefully, and if you see your way clear, put your money into it." "It has been truly said that any fool can make money, but it takes a wise man to keep it." "A man who is wise, careful, conservative, energetic, persevering and tireless, need have no fear of his future. But there is one other thing. He must have a steady head, one that can weather the rough sea of reverses,  from which no life is altogether free, and one that will not become too big when success attends his efforts." "It is from little acorns that great oaks grow." See that you begin aright early in life. Save your money with regularity. By so doing, you will more than save your money; you will make money." You have to admit the advice given in this column written in the 1880s is very sound advice that can definitely relate to our economic climate. I'm sure that with these tips in mind almost anyone (emphasis on the almost, it is a recession pretty much a depression) can go from "Laid Off Team" to "Booyah!".
Junkprints "Laid Off Team" Tank
Junkprints "Booyah!" Sweatshirt
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The Art of Non-Conformity

Most people who know me, know my deep fear of mice. While I won't get into that or any traumatic childhood stories I will say that they scare me to no end. Out of all of the mice in the world there are only two that I can tolerate and their names are Pinky and The Brain. You have to love the determination they had in there quest to take over the world. At some point we all think about our life's purpose and ways to take over the world. Hopefully, I am not just speaking for myself here. Sometimes it is hard to imagine what the future will be like. You begin to wonder whether or not all the work you are putting towards your goals will really pay off. I've always been the kind of person who follows the rules in fear that something would go terribly wrong if I didn't. It may not be the most adventurous way to live, but it has worked for me thus far. I recently had an epiphany, or what Oprah calls an "Aha Moment". When you live life according to "the rules" you are not really living at all. I've found myself just going through the motions of living without putting much thought into my actions. Almost like a robot. While doing my usual web-surfing I stumbled across a website about The Art of Non-Conformity. The site's author, Chris Guillebeau defines non-conformity as, "a lack of orthodoxy in thoughts or beliefs” or “the refusal to accept established customs, attitudes, or ideas." This is a pretty standard definition of the word and it makes sense. When you play life according to the rules, you learn that things don't always work out as you think they should. According to "the rules" the course of life usually goes as follows: Birth, Primary School, Secondary School, Marriage, Death. If these are the rules does it mean that anyone who does not follow them will live inferior lives to those who do? Not necessarily. If the recession has taught us one thing it is that following the rules will not always get you far. Imagine yourself being a college graduate in a time like this. You took out loans to go to an overpriced school because you were told that it would be the only way to get a good job. Now you've graduated with more than $50,000 in loans to pay and have no job prospects. Welcome to the School of Hard Knocks. Maybe it's time to skip some of the rules and learn The Art of Non-Conformity. In a nutshell this art involves focusing on your unique passions and interests while directing your time towards activities that will improve your quality of life and allow you to see the world. It all sounds so peaceful and kumbaya-ish (yes, I just made that up), but it might just work. Before you go crazy on the theory of non-conformism I will caution that in order to break "the rules" you must first understand them. There are ways to be a non-conformist without being obnoxious about it. Especially if you follow the site's philosophies below: 1. You don’t have to live your life the way other people expect you to. 2. If you don’t decide for yourself what you want to get out of life, someone else will probably end up deciding for you. 3. There is usually more than one way to accomplish something. 4. You can do good things for yourself and help other people at the same time.
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Why Don’t You…

Before her death in 1989 Diana Vreeland was a noted magazine editor, taste maker, and fashion icon. During her time at Harpers Bazaar she wrote the very popular "Why Don't You?" column where she advised readers to do things that seemed out of the ordinary. For example, she once wrote, "Why don't you wash your blond child's hair in dead champagne, as they do in France." I figured that it would be fun to do a Dookyblog version of this, so here it goes: Why don't you... buy some stationary and send somebody a letter. That's right, with a postage stamp and an envelope.
Junkprints Matilda Postcard Set
Why don't you...go outside and draw on the sidewalk with some chalk. Why don't you...find a new creative outlet or rediscover an old one. I'm going to dust off my old sewing machine. Why don't you... make a collage of everything you would like to accomplish by the end of the year. If you can see it, then you can achieve it.
Junkprints Visionary Necklace
That's enough for now. If you did any of my suggestions I'd love to hear about the experience. Don't worry, I'll be doing them too. I always practice what I preach.
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