Dookyblog readers, I have treated you like step children. I will make no excused for neglecting you and if you’ve been on twitter or facebook you may not feel so rejected…but none the less what is the point of having a blog it nothing gets written in it? Well my friends, I have much to share. I’ve been grinding like teeth over here in Junkprints land. Here’s the long and short of it.

I’ll be exhibiting art work in Minneapolis’
B-Girl Be: A Celebration of Women in Hip Hop
Mama Said Knock U Out Gallery Exhibition
August 28-October 23, 2009
Opening Reception: Friday, August 28, 6:00-9:00 p.m.

I’ll also be exhibiting in Younity’s Fresher Exhibit OCT 3rd-24th info TBA

Hello Pittsbugh! I just completed a large order of custom Record Necklaces for Moop’s, ‘Hello Pittsburgh’ soiree.
Wendy, the fab bag maker is having an opening party in her new space on August 29, celebrating her new store and big move to P-town!!!!

I’ll be vending at MARKIT’
August 29, 2009
When: August 29th, 12-5PM
Where: Our Lady of Sorrows SCHOOLYARD –213 Stanton Street Lower East Side, NYC Between Ridge st & Pitt st.

And if that’s not enough I’m finishing up the fall winter goodies…..

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Sorry folks. Well let me fill ya’ll in. I’ve been working on the Brooklyn Bodega site. Don’t forget to get those Brooklyn Hip Hop Festival tickets.

I’m planning on renegading the Roots Picnic with Junkprints stuff (yay the beginning of the JP road trips) and thought it was this weekend so I made a trillion of these wallets, but it’s next (time to get my helmet adjusted).

I’ve fallen in love with Yams at Grunge Cake Crisis magazine. Take a look at this video she did on me…it’s a nice day and I’m super giddy.

Chanel Kennebrew, Owner of Junkprints.com X GrungeCake! from The GrungeCake Crisis World Mag on Vimeo.

I’m taking a cont. ed Flash class…It’s beena while since I’ve been in school and I must admit I’ma  bit rusty at being a student, but my teacher is a fabulous flash guru and of geniouses existed, I’d def be one after this class.

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Dear Samantha
Wow, when I heard that  Missbehave would be no more I was very disappointed. From an outsider and fan perspective It’s very sad to see such a unique magazine just fall by the way side. From a business owner and editorial contributor perspective, I understand that running a company is no small feat and I commend you on your achievements with Missbehave.

Perspectives and life directives change, but I can’t help but wonder why Missbehave wasn’t sold, or put under new editorial guidance. I think that the mag and online presence could have flourished under the right direction and allowed you to concentrate on your family. One of the most disappointing aspects of Missbehave’s closure is that so many people non ‘visible minorities’ (for lack of better wording) capitalize and gain notoriety on urban culture as a trend. If they are smart enough to do it and have the gusto to pursue than I guess they deserve it, but at the end of the day as a non-white female I don’t really have the option of dropping the ‘urban’ side of me because I started a family. Guess it’s just a placed persona and not a chosen one. In no way am I trying to get all up in your personal business nor turn this into a white/ black thing. I don’t think it’s as binary as that. I’m just bringing it up based on the hegemony of urban magazine editors in relation to their respective media content. Personally I would have been thrilled to assist in any ethical transition that the magazine would have needed to continue.

You don’t owe me nor anyone an explanation and ultimately, I respect your decision on the matter. For what it’s worth I’m thrilled that the mag existed and I’m sure it’s made way for more innovative media outlets in the same vein.

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Every time I walk the streets NYC I’m astounded by how vacant it’s become. Many of my pals who live on the island tell me how their building are becoming so empty. Many are even negotiating lower rent prices, which is awesome. The most visible signs of this mass vacancy is the store fronts. I went to the movies in Union Square (yes, I do actually leave Brooklyn) and was stunned to see that Circuit city and The Virgin Mega Store  that share the block with the theater were closed or closing soon. What’s going to become of this vacant city?

Interestingly enough recently I’ve been approached by a couple of people with access to prime retail locations to open a Junkprints brick and mortar store. In theory this all sounds amazing but the reality is that running a store and running a brand are two very cumbersome endeavors and right now I can’t handle both. Both have their advantages and disadvantages but the overhead stocking and staffing a store sounds like the formula for a quick bankruptcy.

Over the last six months I watched dozens of indie designer stores close due to a major reduction in sales. Some of the still existing indie stores are keeping their stores stocked by only carrying brands/designers on a consignment basis or attempting to run stores using alternative business structures. Consignment may be a way to introduce a line that a buyer is unsure about, to their store, but is not a substitute for not being able to afford new stock. Dealing strictly on consignment is isn’t a good long term solution for brands or stores. For brands/designers it can result in going into production on items that may be returned to the brand/designer at the end of season making it so the brand/designer is forced to discount the items before having  a chance to expose them to perhaps a more targeted audience.  For stores it creates a cycle in which they are never able to purchase lines within true wholesale parameters (40-60% off retail). By purchasing on wholesale terms the profit margin is larger and allows for seasonal sales and a healthy rotation of inventory. No disrespect to stores that deal strictly on consignment, but I haven’t seen one  transition into larger business models. If anything I suggest stores attempt to negotiate smaller wholesale minimums and diversify the lines they carry instead of committing to the whole season of a newbie line. Now’s a great time to negotiate. I also suggest that smaller designers hold there ground and not do go into production on consignment orders. With e-commerce it’s hard for me to justify having back stock, so the expense of having  stock overhead isn’t something I’m trying to tangle with. If it doesn’t make sense, it can’t make cents.

I’m always trying to improve my hustle, let me know yer thoughts on this.

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Can you imagine not being able to pick your child’s name or being told to change your own name if it’s not on the ‘List’? the other day I came across this article in the New York Times about how Chinese “Government officials suggest that names have gotten out of hand, with too many parents picking the most obscure characters they can find or even making up characters, like linguistic fashion accessories” and that just complicates things when making computer generated identity cards. I know it’s a different culture and maybe a varied way of seeing ones self in relation to one’s society and government, but that seems a bit harsh.

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So I went  to hang out with Obama in D.C over the weekend. I haven’t been to D.C since ’98. All I remember about it from then is that it was dirty and that there were homeless people everywhere. Well I guess times have changed. First off, it was clean, second  the homeless folks were were few. Where did they all go? Hate to be a pessimist but I can’t imagine that they all got homes. Speaking of homeless people, the Newark path train station looked like return of the living dead when we got back. It was about 1am and  between all the crack head zombies laying all over the place and the desolate atmosphere I swear I thought the thriller video was about to break out.  Back to D.C.,while there I had a chance to check out Dekka. This store features some of the city’s top indie designers. The owner Josh was super nice and gave us the scoop on the scene. Be sure to check it out if yer in the area.


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I think this post is going to be like when your fave TV is about to have the the final episode and they relive all the great moments from seasons past. So if you’ve been following dookyblog  sinceway back in May of 2006 (on blogger) you may wanna skip this post. For ya’ll that are new to the dooky, this actually was a poop log (no pun intended) at one point and over time I realized that that the word was filled with way more poop than I’ll ever flush down a toilet (or leave in a porta potty) so now it’s mostly a metaphore and a space to work out my thoughts and scribe sections of my life.  My dad’s a pooter and poo joker and that’s prob where it all started. My digestion is not the best and so the act of taking a good crap has def become a treasured one. After all who want’s to be full of shit? not me! I do have a point to this but it’s taking me a while to get there because I way too sleepy to write this but it’s fun and the closest I’ll ever get to sending a drunk email to an ex-lover…oh I remember, last night I met a real poo conosour. If ya’ll thought I loved poo, wait to ya’ll check out Poo’s Pooetry, def a bigger poo lover than I and I have mad love for that. While we are on the topic of poo, my pal Jen got me this awesome book, “What You’re Poo is Telling You” I love it!

Well enough off all this poo crap, live well, eat well, poo well



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