#ElectricRainbowDaydreams opening June 10th B.K.,N.Y.






June 10 – August 13, 2017

Opening Reception

June 10, 2017

6pm – 8pm

Welancora Gallery is pleased to present an exhibition of new works by Chanel Kennebrew.  This most recent body of work demonstrates Kennebrew’s expert ability to stylize and compose an image in order to tell a story and bring awareness to an issue.  The exhibition will be on view from June 10 to August 13, 2017 at 33 Herkimer Street.

This series by Chanel Kennebrew is a cunning exploration of shattering, revealing, exposing, questioning and colliding for the sake of creation. The work seeks to investigate the realities and possibilities of technology, of modern communication and ideas of representation. #ElectricRainbowDaydreams is a collection of vibrant imagery composed and stylized by an artist in a constant state of making. Kennebrew is a multi-disciplinary, commercial, graphic design and fine artist. Each craft has a role in her work. The essence of this series is that of a socio-cultural, political meditation channeling the pensive and the carefree. It’s a creative exegesis of color, playful objects and the spirit of joy.

The technological surge of the 21st century has awarded us the means to share and communicate in ways only science fiction could have previously imagined. Kennebrew engages this phenomenon by superimposing electronic objects such as stereos, televisions and recorders with human body parts and figures. The bodies are carefree; in motion, leaping, dancing and jumping. With sharp wit, Kennebrew incorporates glops and splashes of paint in the steps of these figures to indicate the looming hazard our electronic tools impart on communication. She questions the impact of the sleek and well-advanced smartphone that bundles all past electronics into one. This new mode of communication and its applications, especially regarding social media has forever transformed human engagement. These devices and ‘apps’ have replaced or obstructed our view of each other and have also deteriorated and enmired actual connecting and understanding.

The rainbow of color in Kennebrew’s work, acts as both a signature and visual guide. It serves as a strategic marker for viewers to focus attention on specific elements of her compositions. The color, be it dripping down the picture plane or sprayed in the background, triggers an emotional response. With her sculpture, she paints and assembles fun vintage objects and toys of the same or similar color, creating a cohesive composition. The objects are transformed by color but maintain their integrity as cool, play things from a nostalgic past. 

Fantasy and imagining animate this series. Layers of color and texture distort time and space. Bodies are in motion, inhabiting impossible spheres. Singular mouths grip rotary telephones, upside-down, bodiless heads blossom into a spectrum of vivid balloons. Beautiful brown girls tower over incredible landscapes. Past, present and future merge in a distorted but tangible daydream. Each piece, whether whispering or booming, a unique but unified message to ‘stay woke’, to pay attention to each other beyond our digital selves. The work warns us to connect with integrity and intention, to be wary of the potential haphazard messiness of our new technology. 

#ElectricRainbowDaydream is a lesson and a celebration. The series invokes the passion of the artist but also aims to connect her questions and experiences to that of the viewer. It harbors joy and wonderment in concert with a subtle warning. It’s loud with color; it’s a remix, a throwback, but also a guide. It expresses fortitude and a genuine interest in the politics of freedom. This series reminds us to recall and retain the spirit of our authentic voice.  – Daricia Mia DeMarr

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Holy Moly!! This month has been crazies. Yer girl just wrapped up gift guide styling for  People StyleWatch, Essence Magazine (I’m soooo antsy to spill the beans about this one, I’ll have to wait til it’s on the shelf). I even squeezed in some propping jobs for Travel and Leisure, Brides Mag and Nine West! wowswers. This lil maker is pooped….buuut not that pooped.

Crash: 20” x 20” Mixed Media 3D Analog Collage, Ink hand Cut Paper and Photography
Crash: 20” x 20” Mixed Media 3D Analog Collage, Ink hand Cut Paper and Photography


Next week my very first museum show opens in Ohio at the Pyramid Hill Sculpture Park Museum in Hamilton. Look ma, a freaking Museum! I’m thrilled, honored and humbled to be sharing Explorations In Nude with fine folks of Ohio. The show will be on display October 21st – November 12th, 2016

Pyramid Hill Sculpture Park and Museum in Ohio. The show open October 21st 2016. 1763 Hamilton-Cleves Road,State Route 128,Hamilton, Ohio 45013

Here’s a link to the deets.




Since the Brooklyn exhibition of Explorations In Nude folks expressed interest in print from the series. I struggled with producing prints for this series because I wanted to make sure that I didn’t short change the originals. Most artwork is experiences in some form of reproduction and in some ways that is great because it makes it more accessible but in the case of 3D work it’s can be a bit problematic. This series plays a lot with shadow and I was concerned that the 3d element would get lost in reproductions. So I kind of  shelved the idea of prints until I had the amazing opportunity to partner with TWYLA. We meticulously worked together to ensure that the integrity of each piece is well represented in these limited edition prints. Six junkprints pieces including  Studded as well as The Goo Inside from the Explorations in Nude series are now available in certified numbered limited editions. These can be purchases directly through TWYLA

Studded 46″ X 20″ / Black Museum Frame Limited edition TWYLA print
Studded 46″ X 20″ / Black Museum Frame Limited edition TWYLA print


Squad Love. My team over at Brooklyn35 collective and I will be heading to Canada to celebrate the release of the La la la video. I co-directed this video along with Tough Dumplin. Ya’ll know I love me some Canada, specifically Toronto. I’m especially feeling the love given that I currently reside in a nation that has a presidential candidate that is into ‘pussy grabbing’  and a police force that is hell bent on executing Black folks. Given all of that I’m excited to be supporting the collective, sharing work, getting up with my Kitchener and Toronto folks.  Mark your calendar 11/12 it’s going down. McCabe’s Irish Pub Kitchener 352 King St. West, Kitchener, Ontario N2G 1B7. See the facebook page to rsvp and for more deets


Shop Junkprints. I know this is the part that ya’ll been waiting for. I’m participating in a Holiday Pop Up shop along with the ladies Love project crew!   Just in time for the holidays. I’ll be releasing some new items in the athletic wear.  More on that later. For now please hold the date. The event will be taking place in the Lower East Side, NY, NY on Saturday Nov. 26th


I was selected to participate in Philadelphia Arts Mural Training program.  Guess who will be sharpening up those skills and throwing color all over some walls? Me 🙂 Mural Arts has united artists and communities through a collaborative process, rooted in the traditions of mural-making, to create art that transforms public spaces and individual lives. Can’t wait to dive deep into this and get some community based larger scale projects under my belt.






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Let me tell ya a little story about this video. So last Christmas Tough Dumplin, my sister and I set out to make a video for the Brooklyn35 song ‘So Alive’ We spent the whole day in the Philly loft playing with light, wardrobe, set ups, concepts and various cameras we rented for the project. Everything looks so forced and stupid and kaa kaa. We were just beat, having fun laughing at ourselves, but overall beat. I had purchased matching dinosaur jumpers for all of us and some how we ended up doing a spoof video of Drake’s Hotline bling with our goofy choreography..I honestly cannot find that video. Tough Dumplin swears I have it…I swear he has it…who knows. Then it hit us. Let’s just go outside. The day and evening were un-seasonally warm…like just a hoodie weather on Dec. 25th crazy huh?!  This is what we ended up with. I love it and I hope you do too.


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‘PUKE’ Featured as PUBLIC ART in Downtown Brooklyn

Thanks to The fam over at Fokus. My Piece “Puke” is featured on the cover of Insight Magazine

Here’s a bit about the publication:INSIGHT magazine is based on the concept that we often look to art to define past civilizations. In turn, we provide insight into the artists who are shaping our culture through their work today. We provide insight into the worlds of actors, musicians, designers, fine artists, emerging artists and those who do not immediately come to mind when thinking about the arts/artists, such as culinary artists and industrial designers. INSIGHT magazine is published quarterly.

Also I’m super excited to announce that Puke is being featured on trash cans through out downtown Brooklyn

junk on trash! junk on trash! junk on trash!

You can catch one on Fulton Street in from of the Macy’s and the other on  Court St. and Schermerhorn

Puke on Trash

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Tristan Tough Dumplin, Paul Liatsis, Dana Athens and I are throwing a party? It’s a house party and I would absolutely love if you came by.

So what’s the celebration about you ask? Well,

Ahhh it’s the end of summer….Let’s dance

I worked on a video that got into a film festival and we will show you at the party…so you can dance

My sister is gonna make waffles all night long and we will have a katrillion toppings…in case you get hungry while you are dancing

It’s this Saturday. Please come through… and let me know if you can make it and how deep you are rollin’
rsvp on the fb page


Come & Party/Celebrate the BROOKLYN35 New Music
“Just In Love For the Summer”
Release in the “Coney Island Film Festival” & on “BROOKLYN35.COM

Saturday September 17 2016
999 Halsey Street, Brooklyn, NY 11207



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Why an Athletic wear line?

lines_both2 copy

Why an athletic line? The primary thematic focus of Explorations in nude is perspective. I think that the main reason for societal disconnect be it in the form or racism, sexism, classism, ageism and or homophobia is due to very warped perspectives and lack or connectivity through empathy. I’m committed to self awareness. Rules, boundaries, lines and groups are all constructs. I’m interested in deconstructing the constructs that don’t work. I know that’s super broad, here’s an example. I’ve been a vegetarian for about 16 years. I initially took a break from meat because I was kinda grossed out. I found my self in the supermarket in my late teens staring at the ground beef thinking this could be anything…it could be human flesh for all I know. That lead me on a super journey into food, health, origins, cultural relevance and symbolism. One of the wonderful things about agency is the ability to make choices. I value that, My ancestors have worked so hard to ensure that for me.  If i know I have to eat and I have a choice of what to put into my own body and how to move my own body,  I’m going to exercise that privilege…for myself, for the ancestors and for health of the future. I’m going to celebrate that privilege by eating clean, being mindful, practicing yoga and getting sleep. Don’t get me wrong there is a wonderful beauty in perseverance. You know making lemonade, chitlins eating parts, ie cows foot, goats tail etc. Perseverance is the co-founder of hip-hop, jazz, soul food…black in America.  wonderful things come out of perseverance. I’m interested in what’s in beyond perseverance. What’s beyond surviving? perhaps thriving, connectedness, understanding, fearlessness. Let’s do away with validation. Let’s unapologetically be the very strongest individuals, making up the strongest community. No more asking permission. If being fly inspires you to work out, be bold, live your truth, love yourself, be healthy, be active, and eat well etc, I’d like to support that journey. I’ve created textile patterns inspired from the art series. Pictured is ‘Between The Lines’ reversible sports bra and shorts
Enjoy this latest manifestation of creativity…and get moving.


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Junkprints + Sacred June 24th

Sacred Brooklyn has been holding me down over last few years. This dynamic yoga/dance studio is a pillar of community. I’m super thrilled to announce that they will be carrying the new collection along with some other Junkprints goodies. This new collection features original textile prints from my art Series Explorations In Nude.  Roll through take a class or two or three and shop the new collection.

The pop up will take place at SacredYoga Studio, 197 Clifton Pl Brooklyn, New York, 11205

Visit Sacredbrooklyn.com for class schedule and hours


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Curated by Jen Joyce Davis & Hana Elkhazin

Friday May 13th – Sunday May 15th: Pop-up festivities and artist talk for Explorations In Nude, will be held at 5 Central Ave, Brooklyn NY 11206. The concept behind these events is a performance driven display of the artist’s work using emotions, inspirations and community connections. Events include live performances, a video screening, community yoga class, and a fundraising evening with chef prepared vegan dinner – proceeds will be donated to Black Lives Matter.

Explorations in Nude is Chanel Kennebrew’s first solo exhibit. In this new work, she attempts to shake off assigned categories and invites us to explore the different definitions and associations of the term nude. In Kennebrew’s opinion, society hides behind -isms (racism, colorism, normalism, conformism, westernism etc) and uses them to neatly organize and categorize practices, ideologies, and movements. Explorations in Nude is the articulation of Kennebrew’s deep dive into that world of isms. Using mixed-media, illustrations, photography, hand-cut paper, wood, paint, ink and installations, Kennebrew dissects, defaces, layers and crassly tacks on foreign elements to chisel away at society’s history, power, trends and language. By exposing the layers, she clears a path to imagine, design and build a better futuristic representation of a transparent new world socially aware.



  • Conjunction (Friday May 13th, 2016) – A screening of a video project by Chanel Kennebrew and Brooklyn35. Followed by live performances. RSVP required. Please note – limited display of Explorations in Nude at this event. To see the full exhibit visit the Brooklyn35 and Junkprints pop-up space on Saturday and Sunday. Doors open at 6pm
  • Concordance (Saturday May 14th, 2016) – Find your at-oneness in a free community yoga class held in the environment of Explorations in Nude. Led by Tara Sponsored by WTRMLN WTR – RSVP for Class at 10am. Exhibit open to yogis at 9:45am and to public 11am – 7pm
  • Communion (Sunday May 15th, 2016) – An intimate dinner party and artist talk hosted by curators Jen Joyce Davis and Hana Elkhazin.  Plant-based fare prepared by Chef Joanna Jeros. RSVP and donation required. 100% of proceeds from ticket sales will be donated to Black Lives Matter. Exhibit open to public 11am – 5pm

About Chanel Kennebrew and Junkprints

CHANEL KENNEBREW (b.1982, Inglewood, CA) is a Brooklyn/Philadelphia based mixed media artist and prop stylist. Kennebrew holds a B.F.A. from Ryerson University and has also studied at New York School of Visual Arts and Ontario College of Art and Design. She has exhibited her work at The Leroy Neiman Gallery, Westwood Gallery, i-20 Gallery, WNYC Radio’s Green Space, Rush Gallery, Andeken Gallery, SXSW and the Manifest Hope Art for Obama Democratic Convention Gallery Exhibition. She has done site-specific installation work at Etsy’s HQ, Publicis and branded art projects for Nickelodeon, Birkenstock, Pepsi, and Macy’s. In 2013 she won first place entry in Curate NYC. Her art has been featured and written about in the New York Times, The New York Post, Gawker and The Wall Street Journal. She has spoken on panels for The Asian Art’s Alliance, Corridor Gallery, The Black Future Project (Toronto), NYFA, and Craft Magazine. Kennebrew is a contributing prop stylist for InStyle Magazine, People StyleWatch Magazine, Travel + Leisure, Real Simple Magazine, Essence Magazine and Ebony Magazine.

About Brooklyn35

BROOKLYN35 is a progressive collective of musicians, singers, emcees, Dj’s, producers and visual artists who, instead of being pigeon-holed by the hip-hop genre, hang their hat on versatility. Brooklyn35 has a diverse collective of various styles, including Jazz, Reggae, RnB, Soul, and Dance. The collective’s process is in the vein of classic Motown. All aspects are collaborative from the song writing to the production. Most of our songs are created in a jam session environment. This process ensures that the music is clever spontaneous and unique.

Tara Purnell is a Washington, DC-native, brought to Brooklyn by magic and good fortune. She took her first yoga class as a student of media and marketing at University of Pennsylvania and fell in love. Yoga and transcendental mediation practices continued to ground her work as a multimedia producer and grant writer for youth, arts, education and wellness. With a compassionate spirit and a zest for life, Tara has dedicated her life to celebrating wellness and mindfully meditative arts –empowering people to feel better in their bodies and express their humanity.


WTRMLN WTR™ is a great tasting, all natural cold-pressed watermelon water that hydrates and rejuvenates.  Every bottle is packed with electrolytes (6x the leading artificial sports drink) and L Citrulline for workout recovery, plus nutrients and antioxidants from vitamin c and lycopene. With no added sugar or water and only watermelon flesh, watermelon rind + organic lemon, WTRMLN WTR is a pure and delicious way to stay hydrated.

About Joanna Jeros

Joanna Jeros is a New York City-based vegan chef and activist working at the ACLU. Having worked in the non-profit sector fighting for social justice for the last ten years, Joanna believes that working to support health through plant-based cooking is a natural extension of her passion for positively contributing to the world. She is a graduate of Hunter College and Ann Wigmore’s Living Foods Lifestyle course.

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I kinda snuck and did a group show in Brooklyn. It’s currently up at Welancora Gallery. This group show is entitled ‘HerStory’. It’s a partnership with the Center for Arts and Culture Bedford Stuyvesant Restoration Corporation. I’m super excited to announce that my wwork not only sold out on opening night but was also featured in Monday’s AM NEW YORK. The show will be up until June 18th
Screen Shot 2016-04-03 at 12.34.25 AM

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My very slow breakup with NYC. Well I’m happy to report that contrary to the beliefs of many, NYC is not the center of the universe. For a solid decade I have been wonderfully embraced by the big dirty apple, but in the realm of growth I’ve decided that I need more space both figuratively and literally. So I made the big huge little leap and have moved Junkprints to Philadelphia! Yep, Yep, sorry NY, sometimes you just have to ditch a bitch. Living in New York has become somewhat like dating a celebrity, it’s fun exciting, glamorous and kinda makes you seem ‘big time’ On the flip side you are constantly questioning your relation to the relationship.

That being said…it is a slow breakup and I still spend about half of my time in NYC (maybe even more than that), on sets styling for all your fave mags and brands.

So now let’s talk about all the great stuff that Philly has to offer. SPACE! The home of junkprints is in a lovely loft space smack dab in the Philly proper. Folks are generally not complaining as much about rents, you’d be surprised how much head space talking about and dealing with gentrification takes up in NYC. Yo! there is some incredible art coming out of this city, it’s amazing what folks come up with when they have room to take risks and experiment.

Speaking of incredible art. I’m thrilled to announce that I am working on a new Series of Art Called Explorations in Nude. Yep ART!!!!!

2015-05-30 06.17.19 1

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