Chanel’s Holiday Traditions (or childhood memories of them)

This post is a bit of a response to Anuli's. When I was a lil gal my fam would go all out for the holidays. Generally I spent every other Xmas w/ my mom or dad, but btwn my mom and step mom they were always super duper festive, filled with lights glitter and magic. My mom would go all out for Christmas. Every Christmas has a color theme and my mommy was playing with this. If I brought home a handmade ornament I made in school and it didn't match the theme colors, it got put in the box for 'next year' My mother would never be caught dead with a fake tree...are you kidding me? The day after thanksgiving we went out in the cold  (okay so comparatively it wasn't that cold, it was Southern California but still it was cold) to the freaking tree farm to get that 'perfect tree' Everything had a process when it comes to xmas including lighting the house the tree etc. It had to look neat and cohesive and often drove me and who ever was around to witness the process crazy. I often think of sending her tinsel and spray snow just to get back at her. But I must admit when it was all said and done and she light those cinnamon candles, it meant the holidays were here! She always made a list and we would usually get most of the shopping done early so that we could sit by the tree and wrap presents. I always loved that part and was amazed what she could do with ribbon and wrapping paper...oh and the tape never showed when my mom wraps a gift. Don't know how she did it but as far as I was concerned that paper was self adhesive. Yes my mom can cook but it was my grandmother who would really throw down in the kitchen. Christmas dinner was like thanksgiving part two and I swear my memories of thanksgiving and Christmas are pretty blurred together btwn the aged of 4-10. Christmas morning was always magical. One of my fondest memories is when we found super soakers under the tree and had a water fight, me, my moms, and uncles. Another great memory is when my bro Nik opened up the wrong present as was soooooo happy to get some my little ponies, I think his mom let him keep 'em. It was awesome and I miss being a kid around the holidays. Within the last few years my holidays have been pretty laid back and are usually the time I finally get a few good 8 hour of sleep at night but I'm starting to see that yearning for a festive whoop-la peep back into my life and I plan on spending this years butt naked in a hot tub, just kidding 😉 But I do plan on getting some fam time in a maybe even a few laps around an ice skating rink,  wear a tacky sweater or two hey who knows perhaps I'll even go Christmas year.
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Did you know that Christmas is next week? Yeah, it's true. So, if you are like me and haven't done any holiday shopping yet then you'll be pleased to know that the last day for holiday shipping from the Junkprints store is Dec. 17th 9pm est!. That means today you can sit back, relax, and do some holiday shopping with your friends here at Junkprints. Since we love you all so much we also have Gift Certificates ready for the holiday season.  Get yer shop on now or hold your tears when the goodies run out! Oh and those supa dupa fly earrings are from my gal Nena over at Nenasoulfly. Don't sleep on her amazingness!!
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For the last few months I've been walking around with hot wheels and doll shoes in my pockets. I came across a huge lot of vintage hot wheels and decided to make 'girly' things out of them, but every time I sat down to get started I ended up playing with them and forgetting what my task was so they would end up in my pockets. I've finally got the first batch of these broaches done. They are all one of a kind.
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Jellies v.s. Crocs

Remember when you were a little girl and rocked Jellies on your feet?  Yeaclear-jelliesh, I just brought it back and aged most of the people reading this. For those of you left out in my fashionable dust, Jellies were shoes made out of PVC plastic that came in a variety of colors. Now, I’m not going to get into an in-depth history of them, but I will say that they were very popular in the 1980s and have been recently resurrected.

Every girl I know had a pair of Jellies. Some girls had a matching Jelly for each outfit. Personally, I remember having clear glittery Jelly sandals. Now, you may be wondering why I’m bringing this up. Is it because I’m about to head into finals week at school and am beginning to feel nostalgic about my youth and simpler times? No. Okay maybe a little.

Actually, this topic stemmed from a conversation I had earlier today with Chanel. When we’re not talking about our ideas for curing cancer and ending global warming we like to delve into more important issues like the weather and 1980s pop culture. We came to the conclusion that Crocs are the millennium’s answer to Jellies.

Let’s make it clear. Crocs will never ever be able to be as cool as Jellies. I don’t care how comfortable they are. Sure, Jellies make your feet sweat, but at least you’re sweating with style. And yes, sometimes Jellies make your feet blister, but gosh darn-it “pain is beauty”. At least, that’s what my aunt said before she cut my hair off in second grade, but that’s a whole other story.

Crocs are on the forefront of the hideous yet comfortable shoe trend (I’m coming for you next Uggs). Crocs are also virtually indestructible which means that I couldn’t burn them if I tried. They are like cockroaches to me. So, should I give up on this rant because I know that they won’t go away anytime soon? No, because the Crocs company has recently gone out of business. See, recessions aren’t that bad after all. Now, Jellies are a classic made out of plastic. Crocs, on the other hand are shoes that I can’t stand. I think that about sums up my moment of nostalgia.

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Anuli’s Holiday Traditions (or lack thereof)

peanuts-christmas-tree-744374I’ll be the first to say that I love Christmas (presents), but why does it seem that the countdown to Christmas starts the day right after Halloween. Commercially, Thanksgiving totally gets left out of the equation and even Black Friday gets more shine (gotta love those dollar signs).

I realized that my family doesn’t really have any Christmas traditions like most families. Many families decorate their trees together or put up Christmas lights. Every year my family seems to get lazier and forgo such traditions. Two years ago we bought a fake tree that came with lights, so all we had to do was add a few ornaments for that a personal touch. We also stopped putting up lights altogether because we always hated having to take them down.

So what do I do for Christmas? Christmas for me consists of watching “A Charlie Brown Christmas” and annually opening up a consisting declining amount of presents. I wish I was four-years-old again like my sister because she’s at the age when parents shower their children with gifts, so in this case I’m definitely past my prime.

My friends and I planned a holiday party this year. It was called "The All-Inclusive Christmahanukwanzikah-Solstice Party Shin-dig Thing" (I know you like the title, right?). We celebrated traditions from all of the holidays. Yes, Winter Solstice is a real holiday. People tried to tell me otherwise, but it's actually celebrated in countries all over the world. Think of it as the OG (original gangsta) Christmas because a lot of Christmas traditions were derived from Winter Solstice. The party was great and just the way I imagined it. Trying to organize a wholesome party for college students is no easy task, trust me. Maybe this could be my holiday tradition...we'll see.

I want to know what your Holiday traditions are. Leave a comment and let me know. Maybe it’ll inspire me to up my Holiday Cheer ante.

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Almost All about Anuli

Have you ever met someone and began a casual friendship with them before even learning their name? That seems to happen to me a lot, so I decided to start off with the awkward introduction phase where I tell you little about myself. Afterwards I’m sure we’ll be the best of friends. So who am I? That question can be answered in many ways, but I guess I’ll start with the obvious. My name is Anuli and I am the newest contributor to Dookyblog. In my opinion I just like to say things that people are thinking, or didn’t know that they were thinking until I said it. Some call it having a smart mouth while I call it keeping it real, funky, or what have you. The great thing about Dookyblog is that it’s “a fine place to talk shit” and believe me that’s one thing I can do. I guess I should delve a little deeper into who I am. I like to apply the letters D.I.Y. to all aspects of my life; whether it’s designing jewelry or writing a paper. I do everything myself. Oh no, now you’re probably thinking, “did she say writing a paper?” Yeah, about that; I am currently a college student with dreams of taking over the world like Pinky and the Brain. When I’m not doing that I’m…actually I’m always doing that. I guess I’ll just end it now and hope that you stay tuned for more posts because it’s about to get really funky around here.
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If you were within 100 miles of NYC and you missed the FRESHER! opening than you may be crying your eyes out! But not to worry, I just caught word that their will be a closing party soooooo, don't sleep on this one. It was such a fun time, all the peeps came out and I'm glad that someone was documenting the event cuz I was too busy getting up w/ people and dancing my booty off.  Highsnobette was in the house and have tones of recap pics and so does Toofly. Big shout out and many thx to the Younity Crew
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So you may have noticed that it's not me rocking my goodies in this new email blast. I'm going to try and take a lil break from in front of the camera so that I can focus of making fly stuff. So who's the cutie in the pictures, ohhh that's Kim. She's freakin' awesome and can work those poses like nobody's business. You'll be seeing alot of her around Junkprints land for the next few months and I'm thrilled to have her on board. She's not the only new person. Meet Jen Joyce Davis! She's not really new we've work on a few project together in the past. Anyhoot,  She's the new JP shutterbug and all around bundle of greatness. Her and Claudia  swung by the studio and along w/ Kim helped me shoot the first installment new fall winter goodies.  I've got all kinds of newness in store for ya'll._mg_7794
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I'll be showcasing some brand new work!

YOUNITY Presents FRESHER! An Urban Eco-Art Exhibition Featuring 42 Female Artists

PRESS HOUR: 7pm-8pm Opening Reception: 8pm – 11pm October 3, 2009 – October 24, 2009 Clemente Soto Velez Cultural & Educational Center 107 Suffolk Street New York, NY 10002 between Rivington Street and Delancey Street F train to Delancey

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