Upcoming Gallery Exhibition! OPENING JAN 27th

IONA College Council on the arts
715 North Avenue, New Rochelle, NY 10801
BlackHair: Black Identity
Sunday Jan 20th-Thursday Feb 21

Opening reception Sunday January 27th 1p-3p
Curated by Peridot Smith
Featuring art by Natassia Davis, Chanel Kennebrew, Soo Yoon Lym, Jamel Shabazz, Alexandria Smith, James Petrozzello,
Tabitha Bianco Brown, Toyin Odutola, Philece R. and Peridot Smith

Live Music by DJ Spawn
Live hair styling Demonstration by Diva Designs and Cuts by D
For further Information, call 917637-7796 or visit www iona.edu/artscouncil

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HOLIDAY 2012 POP UP SHOP! NEW YORK, NY November 17, 2012

I’m always honored to rock with the Toofly, Circa95 crew. Just received the press release which means the pop up shop is officially on and Junkprints (aka me) will be there! See below for the deets.


Shopping Event Showcases Brazen Art, Avant-Garde Fashion & Design at the  University Settlement!

On Saturday, November 17, 2012, the LADIES LOVE PROJECT presents its 6th POP-UP SHOP at University Settlement 183 Eldridge St from 12pm – 10pm. The PROJECT, a brainchild of renowned street artist TOOFLY, sound sensation PattyDukes & Rephstar of the Circa95 duo and creative non-profit efficionado A.Mari, highlights some of NYC’s most creative underground artists and designers.  The one-day-only event boasts an intimate, yet extraordinary colorful market shopping experience – designed to familiarize consumers, media and tastemakers with artists currently celebrating prominence.

Featured female market designers and artists include Toofly, Junkprints, Vanilla Medallions, Dominique Reneè, Shiro – as well as the fellas Marka27, Rebelution, Soh Nup Ink,  and a host of others, will be exhibiting one of a kind, limited edition, handcrafted goods just in time for the holidays! Event music across all genres will be handled by RephStar and Dj Enygma. A live broadcast of the event will be streamed all day at www.Circa95.com and will include the first ever performance showcase by Brooklyn based rap sensation, and self-proclaimed “Mistress of Ceremonies,” Jasmine Solano. Complimentary empanadas, coquito, and cupcake treats will be served by Jenny Kinns Cupcakes, Mi Isla Coquito, and Martha’s Kitchen.  Funky fresh ladies in the *new* LLP Lounge will be rocking make-up makeovers, dope nail art, and tarot card readings. This year the photo fun will continue with homegirls Sheena She on deck with event photography and Samantha Morales holding down the LLP Photobooth!

University Settlement, a celebrated art and community space located in the Lower East Side, plays host to the eclectic mix of prosperous and established talent. Art pieces on canvas, jewelry, t-shirts, graffiti, make-up, nails, live music—you name it— the LADIES LOVE PROJECT HOLIDAY POP-UP SHOP doesn’t get any more New York than this! “Having the LADIES LOVE PROJECT POP-UP SHOP in our space is a perfect fit,” says Alison Fleminger,  Manager of University Settlement space. “All of the vendors have styles that honor old New York, but each demonstrates a unique progression with great, must-have niche items.” “We are ecstatic and honored to be partnering with such a NYC institution of Art! We, the LLP team and event participants, are enthused to be hosted in this inviting space – the pop up will be sure to kick the holiday off with LOVE!”

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note to self: MAKE MORE ART

Recently I  completed 2 custom pieces for a collector. It was a pretty fun project. I’ve always been a bit of a spastic artist, flip flopping between materials and surfaces. It’s nice to get back to a flat surface and this project reminded me how nice it is to just make art….slow art, paint art, illustrative art. As much as I love my digital tools I’ve been missing the journey of using the analogue tools. These pieces are about 2 feet high and 5ft and 2ft by 3ft.




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Hiya Sunshines,
We are just about all set up to rock the socks off of Comic Con! Oh yeah, we kinda forgot to tell you…geesh. Well things have really been just that crazies. Guess what, I just posted all the new goodies that I’ll have at Comic Con online, so in the case that you didn’t get your tickets (they are sold out) and fave anime character costume made, you ca shop butt naked from the comfort of your home (or at least a private place, if you insist on being butt naked).

In the case that you are attending Comic Con NY, I’ll be holding down booth #3140. Come say hi and hug up on the new Matilda plushies.

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When it comes to buying property, I must admit that the concept of owning a piece of land sounds a bit absurd to me. I understand that wars have and are being waged in the name of land ownership and that a good chunk of the world believes in the concept of land ownership, but I’m not fully drinking the koolaid. Basically, one can’t be ‘owner’ of land. It existed before us and will probably exist after us. Yes, I do acknowledge the work and resources put into building a structure for occupation, but even that is simple a relocation of resources and contracted services. As far as I’m concerned, that’s it. The idea of working 30+ years to own something that can’t really be owned sounds silly. Not to mention the housing and financial crisis we are currently experiencing. I do understand that for many systemic reasons a good chunk of Americans were not able to ‘own’ land. That’s not cool we should all be able to engage in foolishness…equally. that’s a whole different tangent maybe I’ll get back to it one day.

There may very well be one thing that is more foolish than the concept of ‘owning land’ and that is ‘renting land’. In many ways I do buy into this system, because I’m renting a space in a building in one of the most expensive cities in the world.

Well I have finally jumped off the fence and decided to but a building with some like minded folks . Yep you heard right, buy a building on a piece of land in a place that is currently known as Brooklyn new York. I’m calling this endeavour Project Buy a Building A Brooklyn…duh. And what does this means for Junkprints? Well it means more open studios (maybe a store), a larger work space and maybe some rooftop parties

The goal is to be ready to buy no later than this time next year. My hustle is tight right now (real tight, style like crazy, make like crazy, sleep when I can get it, blog on train rides and eat lentils and rice tight) and I’m about 27% there financially, with a great team and 2 months a head of schedule. Guess I’m taking a bite of the apple and drinking the koolaid at the same time.

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Yo! The Fine folks at Junkprints are hosting the blackest black friday open studio ever. This event is going to be so black that your gonna need a flashlight & affirmative actions to balance it out. Just kidding! I’ve been prepping for the holiday season & am thrilled to be open 11/25-11/27 for all your Junk shopping desires. Free goodies w/ the 1st 10 black friday purchases.

Fri Nov. 25th and Sun. Nov. 27th // Noon til 7PM

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On Saturday, December 17, 2011, the LADIES LOVE PROJECT presents its third POP-UP SHOP at the West Village Brecht Forum, 451 West Street from 12pm – 8pm. The PROJECT, a brainchild of renowned street artist TOOFLY and sound sensation PattyDukes of the Circa95 duo, highlights some of NYC’s most creative underground artists and designers.  The one-day-only holiday event boasts an intimate, yet extraordinarily colorful market experience designed to familiarize consumers, media and tastemakers with established artists.

The large group of talented designers will be exhibiting one of a kind, limited edition, handcrafted goods just in time for the holidays! Featured market designers and artists Toofly, Good Wood NYC, Junkprints, Vanilla Medallions, Marka27, Antonio Kel 5MH, while several other brands will be in attendance. Music across all genres will be provided by iPod DJ’s Rephstar (of Circa95), Ben Ferrari, Jacina Love, and Slik Nik The Ruler. A live broadcasting of the event will be streamed at www.Circa95.com, while complimentary holiday treats by Jenny Kinns Cupcakes and Mi Isla Coquito by Millie will help promote the holiday cheer! Exclusive event photography will be taken by Samantha Morales with video by Barrio Media.


The Brecht Forum

451 West Street (between Bank & Bethune Streets)

New York, NY 10014


Date: Saturday, December 17, 2011

Time: 12PM-8PM

Pop-Up Shop Vendors:

junkprints: www.junkprints.com

Circa95 www.Circa95.com

Toofly NYC www.tooflynyc.com

Dahlia Soleil www.dahliasoleil.etsy.com
Pink Eye www.igotpinkeye.com
Marka27 www.marka27.com

PaperSoul www.wix.com/papersoul/papersoul

Lipstick Manifesto www.lipstickmanifesto.tumblr.com

Shirley Rodriguez www.shotbyshirl.com
Vanilla Medallions www.jenone.org

Good Wood NYC www.goodwoodnyc.com

El Salonsito www.elsalonsito.com

Barrio Media www.barriomedia.com

December 17th from 12-8pm
Brecht Forum: 451 West Street (West Side HWY), New York, NY 10014

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America is one hot mess, it’s always been a hot mess. I’m glad that the US has finally taken note of this, with the Occupy everywhere protests. I only wish the protests were more focused.  Many things suck, but they get better when we get better…aggressively better. We will work harder than our parents for less, because unfortunately America was build on the backs of stolen, borrowed exploited labor and efforts and most of us has reaped the benefits of that exploitation to some capacity…and honestly we can’t all be kings queens, ceo’s and overpaid executive, but we can stop supporting the folks and establishments we don’t believe in. And there’s no shame in using your hands to make things and earning a day’s wage. Unfortunately this is something most of us will have to learn to do.

Most of my day job pals have finally stopped looking for jobs (after getting hired, then getting laid off then getting hired for less pay, then getting laid off, dealing with delays in payment etc.) I’m proud of them because they are finally putting there efforts into marketing skills they possess. Teaching dance, vocal lessons, baking, basically doing things in which they are not brokers in a service. they are actually providing a valuable task or deliverable. All great changes came from folks that shifted they way they thought about things. Don’t like the walls knock them down, or leave the room.

Big ups to all the Blue collar workers. America needs more of them. We need to make things, particulary the things we use.

Remixed with my hands especially for you:

The Remixed Blue Collar shirt

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It’s important for me to make ridiculous things from time to time, so I decided to make another huge bag , and just in time for the fake Hurricane Irene, Don’t even get me started on that hoopla, anyhoot,  here’s the big bag

This is the hugest bag I’ve ever made and Just in time time to run for the hills, before my studio is submerged by Hurricane Irene…kinda kidding, kinda not 😉

SIZE: 67″x 20″ x 20″

Here’s the other large bag I made in ’09…it’s in a private collection.

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