Join Hyundai and ReadyMade as we celebrate the best in sustainable design featuring art and fashion by New York City's top and emerging artists. Come for an evening of cocktails by VeeV, a Taza chocolate tasting station, silent auction, party favors, music and more all benefiting the Americans for the Arts Action Fund. Americans for the Arts Action Fund. Launched in 2004, Americans for the Arts Action Fund is the nation's leading non-profit organization for advancing arts in America. Featured artists' work that will be on display include Daniel Michalik, Robin Antar, Suprina, Carol Quint, Lamacek, Justin Gignac, Junkprints, UM Project and more. Silent auction includes items from the Museum of Art & Design, 3r Living, Brevity, FLOR, and Justin Gignac...just to name a few. Thursday, September 23, 2010 6:00p - 9:00p Cooper Classic Cars 137 Perry Street (between Washington & Greenwich St.) New York, NY 10014 View Map Tickets $40 in advance, $50 at the door To purchase tickets, click here. Questions? Email: events@readymademag.com
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The Art of Reproduction

In 1972, BBC released a four-part television series of thirty minute films hosted by writer and art critic John Berger. The series entitled Ways of Seeing sought to explore the effects of reproduction in art. Berger stressed that the invention of the camera changed the world of art because it allowed more people to view a work of art by reproducing it. He noted that the difference between an original painting and a picture is that an original painting can only be in one place at one time, but pictures of the painting can be reproduced in any size and used for any purpose.

For example, take a look at the two pictures below. The first is a reproduction of an "original" Mona Lisa while the second is a picture inspired by the original Mona Lisa.

Caption(pic1): Leonardo da Vinci (Italian, 1452-1519). Mona Lisa (La Gioconda), ca. 1503-05. Oil on poplar wood. 77 x 53 cm (30 3/8 x 20 7/8 in.).

Caption (pic 2): A reproduction of Mona Lisa created for an online Photoshop contest.

According to Berger, most people see the image of a painting rather than the painting itself. Instead of going to a museum to look at a piece of work, art has become too readily available to the public through photographs, television, and since the production of the series, the internet. Due to this increase of viewers the meaning of the painting has become as transmittable because as more people view the work, more opinions of its meaning are created that differ from the artist's original intent. I'm sure that Leonardo da Vinci did not intend for his work to be transformed into the picture from above, but that is a result of reproduction.

In the series, Berger asserts that reproductions have replaced original art and have therefore cheapened art as we know it. He explains that the reason that the originals are so awe-inspiring when viewed is because of their market value. An original art of work is in limited supply (there is only one) therefore that one piece of work has a high market value whereas a reproduction of the piece can be sold for a significantly lower price. In the business world, this is similar to the relationship between supply and price in which a higher supply of a product results in a lower price.

The series basically claims that reproductions have destroyed art because it has opened it up to more opinions and manipulation. What do you think? Is reproduction good because it provides more people access to view art or bad because it "cheapens" it?

Below is the first part of Ways of Seeing:

For more on reproduction check out the Junkprints shop where you can purchase prints from Chanel's "No Original" series which addresses the topic of reproduction. Yes, the prints are in fact reproductions, but they are seriously cool.

Below is a piece from the "No Original" series:

Caption: "No Original" series "Twigged Out" print. Each 13”x19” print is printed on archival matte paper, signed and numbered. Only 50 have been printed.

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The skins are in and the making has commenced. I feel the same way about working with leather as I do with eating eggs. Basically I just really have to be in the mood. Sometimes eggs make me wanna puke but other times (like now) I'm lovin them so much that I'm making hardboiled eggs and eating them later. Anyhoot, I've started to cut up and reconstruct the skins for the fall/winter Junkprints stuff here's a peak at what i'm working with.

Grace and Skin Bag available on Junkprints.com Amelia Skin Jacket, Strap up Belt, Chained Up Necklace and Hooded Vest will be available in August.
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Working with dead things: the beginning of junkprints fall/winter selection. Yes I will be one of those vegetarians that works with leather. here are the rules: no new leather will be purchased only deadstock and repurposed skins. I just feel that if I could make a belt/ bag from sheep skin, I could most certainly make a belt/bag from human skin (disturbing, huh?) so I’ve drawn a wavering line to maintain my perception of moral standards.
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Styling and Profiling with Junkprints: Summer 2010

For a moment just forget the fact that it is the beginning of hurricane season and remember that summer has unofficially begun (Summer Solstice is on June 21, 2010). Why not slatter on some sunblick, showoff those gams, and celebrate summer with Junkprints. *Shameless Plug Coming............................................................................... .............................................................. ....................................now* Below are a few hot items to make you look cool in the summer:
We all know you had second and third servings of the mac and cheese on Memorial Day. You worked hard for that donk, so why not show it off in what are soon to be your "Fave Shorts". The are made with seersucker fabric, trimmed in a custom junkprints pok-a-dot fabric with bright pink thread.
Sorry, Justin but we brought sexy back with these authentic vintage Cazel Collection shades. Coming straight from a closed factory in Germany these sunnies have not been in production in over twenty years and are in great condition. There is only one is stock. Can you say stunner?
Matilda is the greatest friend you will ever have. She compliments your style and deals with all your heavy baggage. This 100% cotton canvas tote bag has plenty of room to carry everything you need when you are on the go.
Reminisce on the days when even guys wore short shorts with this tank inspired by old track jerseys. Even if you were always the last kid to get picked for dodgeball at least your grown now and can look the part of a real athlete at your school reunion. Atheletic ability not included.
No outfit is complete without a fly pair of shoes. We've teamed up with Keds and ArtsProjekt to create these Royal Hi-tops for you. Sorry fellas, but these sneaks are only available in women's sizes. Then again, what you do on your own time is none of our business. Werq!
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Come join Younity and friends for some hip-hop style community building. Fostering local economies for urban artrepreneurs with a conscious mindset, it’s time for Younity’s 2nd annual Urban Arts Markit! One-of-a-Kind -Limited Editions – Hand Crafted – Flavor Curated by the infamous Toofly, and homegirl Yvey Hidalgo this open air markit pays homage to market life around the globe as a staple of community life and celebration where makers, fans, and collectors come to shop and mingle – 2010 style. Featuring live DJ sets, live painting, break dancers, vendors, Hondurian Valiadas, Empanadas, & American hot dogs, in the heart of New York City’s Lower East Side Junkprints will we’ll be in the fantastic company of some of NYC’s finest! Don’t miss this one day event. 12-6p 213 Stanton St. F train to Delancy.
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