Imagine that Calendar

I love possibilities! Just love the concept of ‘what it?’…honestly I can go down that rabbit hole forever and that is generally where my creative process starts. Lately I have been obsessed with the concept of time and timing. Time is a cultural rhythm, it’s not a constant. For example, whenever New Yorkers travel just about any where they tend to walk about 7 times faster then any one else. In fact they even talk faster. this is very noticeable when out of New York City. One of the biggest complaints that westerners have when traveling to the Caribbean islands is ‘Island Time” I love that timing is specific to location and culture. I often wonder if pacing, timing and the inability to find a comfortable rhythm for all parties is the very basis for every conflict that ever was. A few years ago I was in Costa Rica and the Ticos were super excited about a new highway that was in the midst of being built, it was financed by the Chinese government and was to be repaid via toll revenue. Here’s the hitch, the deal was made so that the workers must be Costa Rican Nationals. For China the issue is that the Tico are on a much different schedule than the Chinese Workers. At the time I was there the highway was already taking years longer than anticipated by the Chinese. I’m sure causing concern for the investors. Hey, that’s what happens when the currency of time isn’t properly adjusted for another culture.

OK so what does this have to do with this big-O-calendar? Well, if time is cultural currency, the rhythm and pace shape the past, present and future, and a calendar is to keep track of future while commemorating cultural rituals, what if we shifted some things. I am a history buff but what I find the most interesting is the gap between the stories that get told so much that they are legendary and the ones that get told so little that are almost folklore. This calendar sits right in that space. Politically America is in a really stupid place, but we didn’t get here yesterday or Jan 20th 2017, this come from a long line of decisions. This oversized 2017 calendar explore the ‘what if’ many things happened differently. It’s sole purpose is to bring awareness to pacing and possibility. Get It Here


If you happen to be in  NYC. I will have a limited amount on hand at This friday’s Time Inc  Beat Holiday Pop Up shop.


See details below.


Time Inc’s

Beat Holiday Pop Up shop!


Friday, December 8, 2017

1pm to 7:30pm for Time Inc. Employees

5pm to 7:30pm for General Public

Life Multipurpose Center, 6th Floor


Time Inc.,  

225 Liberty St.,

New York City

This is a free event to attend but make sure to rsvp/register!

Space is limited.

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#ElectricRainbowDaydreams opening June 10th B.K.,N.Y.






June 10 – August 13, 2017

Opening Reception

June 10, 2017

6pm – 8pm

Welancora Gallery is pleased to present an exhibition of new works by Chanel Kennebrew.  This most recent body of work demonstrates Kennebrew’s expert ability to stylize and compose an image in order to tell a story and bring awareness to an issue.  The exhibition will be on view from June 10 to August 13, 2017 at 33 Herkimer Street.

This series by Chanel Kennebrew is a cunning exploration of shattering, revealing, exposing, questioning and colliding for the sake of creation. The work seeks to investigate the realities and possibilities of technology, of modern communication and ideas of representation. #ElectricRainbowDaydreams is a collection of vibrant imagery composed and stylized by an artist in a constant state of making. Kennebrew is a multi-disciplinary, commercial, graphic design and fine artist. Each craft has a role in her work. The essence of this series is that of a socio-cultural, political meditation channeling the pensive and the carefree. It’s a creative exegesis of color, playful objects and the spirit of joy.

The technological surge of the 21st century has awarded us the means to share and communicate in ways only science fiction could have previously imagined. Kennebrew engages this phenomenon by superimposing electronic objects such as stereos, televisions and recorders with human body parts and figures. The bodies are carefree; in motion, leaping, dancing and jumping. With sharp wit, Kennebrew incorporates glops and splashes of paint in the steps of these figures to indicate the looming hazard our electronic tools impart on communication. She questions the impact of the sleek and well-advanced smartphone that bundles all past electronics into one. This new mode of communication and its applications, especially regarding social media has forever transformed human engagement. These devices and ‘apps’ have replaced or obstructed our view of each other and have also deteriorated and enmired actual connecting and understanding.

The rainbow of color in Kennebrew’s work, acts as both a signature and visual guide. It serves as a strategic marker for viewers to focus attention on specific elements of her compositions. The color, be it dripping down the picture plane or sprayed in the background, triggers an emotional response. With her sculpture, she paints and assembles fun vintage objects and toys of the same or similar color, creating a cohesive composition. The objects are transformed by color but maintain their integrity as cool, play things from a nostalgic past. 

Fantasy and imagining animate this series. Layers of color and texture distort time and space. Bodies are in motion, inhabiting impossible spheres. Singular mouths grip rotary telephones, upside-down, bodiless heads blossom into a spectrum of vivid balloons. Beautiful brown girls tower over incredible landscapes. Past, present and future merge in a distorted but tangible daydream. Each piece, whether whispering or booming, a unique but unified message to ‘stay woke’, to pay attention to each other beyond our digital selves. The work warns us to connect with integrity and intention, to be wary of the potential haphazard messiness of our new technology. 

#ElectricRainbowDaydream is a lesson and a celebration. The series invokes the passion of the artist but also aims to connect her questions and experiences to that of the viewer. It harbors joy and wonderment in concert with a subtle warning. It’s loud with color; it’s a remix, a throwback, but also a guide. It expresses fortitude and a genuine interest in the politics of freedom. This series reminds us to recall and retain the spirit of our authentic voice.  – Daricia Mia DeMarr

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Holy Moly!! This month has been crazies. Yer girl just wrapped up gift guide styling for  People StyleWatch, Essence Magazine (I’m soooo antsy to spill the beans about this one, I’ll have to wait til it’s on the shelf). I even squeezed in some propping jobs for Travel and Leisure, Brides Mag and Nine West! wowswers. This lil maker is pooped….buuut not that pooped.

Crash: 20” x 20” Mixed Media 3D Analog Collage, Ink hand Cut Paper and Photography
Crash: 20” x 20” Mixed Media 3D Analog Collage, Ink hand Cut Paper and Photography


Next week my very first museum show opens in Ohio at the Pyramid Hill Sculpture Park Museum in Hamilton. Look ma, a freaking Museum! I’m thrilled, honored and humbled to be sharing Explorations In Nude with fine folks of Ohio. The show will be on display October 21st – November 12th, 2016

Pyramid Hill Sculpture Park and Museum in Ohio. The show open October 21st 2016. 1763 Hamilton-Cleves Road,State Route 128,Hamilton, Ohio 45013

Here’s a link to the deets.




Since the Brooklyn exhibition of Explorations In Nude folks expressed interest in print from the series. I struggled with producing prints for this series because I wanted to make sure that I didn’t short change the originals. Most artwork is experiences in some form of reproduction and in some ways that is great because it makes it more accessible but in the case of 3D work it’s can be a bit problematic. This series plays a lot with shadow and I was concerned that the 3d element would get lost in reproductions. So I kind of  shelved the idea of prints until I had the amazing opportunity to partner with TWYLA. We meticulously worked together to ensure that the integrity of each piece is well represented in these limited edition prints. Six junkprints pieces including  Studded as well as The Goo Inside from the Explorations in Nude series are now available in certified numbered limited editions. These can be purchases directly through TWYLA

Studded 46″ X 20″ / Black Museum Frame Limited edition TWYLA print
Studded 46″ X 20″ / Black Museum Frame Limited edition TWYLA print


Squad Love. My team over at Brooklyn35 collective and I will be heading to Canada to celebrate the release of the La la la video. I co-directed this video along with Tough Dumplin. Ya’ll know I love me some Canada, specifically Toronto. I’m especially feeling the love given that I currently reside in a nation that has a presidential candidate that is into ‘pussy grabbing’  and a police force that is hell bent on executing Black folks. Given all of that I’m excited to be supporting the collective, sharing work, getting up with my Kitchener and Toronto folks.  Mark your calendar 11/12 it’s going down. McCabe’s Irish Pub Kitchener 352 King St. West, Kitchener, Ontario N2G 1B7. See the facebook page to rsvp and for more deets


Shop Junkprints. I know this is the part that ya’ll been waiting for. I’m participating in a Holiday Pop Up shop along with the ladies Love project crew!   Just in time for the holidays. I’ll be releasing some new items in the athletic wear.  More on that later. For now please hold the date. The event will be taking place in the Lower East Side, NY, NY on Saturday Nov. 26th


I was selected to participate in Philadelphia Arts Mural Training program.  Guess who will be sharpening up those skills and throwing color all over some walls? Me 🙂 Mural Arts has united artists and communities through a collaborative process, rooted in the traditions of mural-making, to create art that transforms public spaces and individual lives. Can’t wait to dive deep into this and get some community based larger scale projects under my belt.






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Tristan Tough Dumplin, Paul Liatsis, Dana Athens and I are throwing a party? It’s a house party and I would absolutely love if you came by.

So what’s the celebration about you ask? Well,

Ahhh it’s the end of summer….Let’s dance

I worked on a video that got into a film festival and we will show you at the party…so you can dance

My sister is gonna make waffles all night long and we will have a katrillion toppings…in case you get hungry while you are dancing

It’s this Saturday. Please come through… and let me know if you can make it and how deep you are rollin’
rsvp on the fb page


Come & Party/Celebrate the BROOKLYN35 New Music
“Just In Love For the Summer”
Release in the “Coney Island Film Festival” & on “BROOKLYN35.COM

Saturday September 17 2016
999 Halsey Street, Brooklyn, NY 11207



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I kinda snuck and did a group show in Brooklyn. It’s currently up at Welancora Gallery. This group show is entitled ‘HerStory’. It’s a partnership with the Center for Arts and Culture Bedford Stuyvesant Restoration Corporation. I’m super excited to announce that my wwork not only sold out on opening night but was also featured in Monday’s AM NEW YORK. The show will be up until June 18th
Screen Shot 2016-04-03 at 12.34.25 AM

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What they don’t tell you about Cruises

They sneak gratuity…pull you way out of cell and WiFi region then auto charge your credit card for gratuity…after you have been cash tipping the whole time…fail

“Washy washy”. There are over enthusiast folks eager to spray you with hand sanitizer everywhere and they say ‘Washy washy’

The cruise director makes random announcements across the ship’s pa system. It feels like you are a participant in the hunger games or in 1984. Our cruise director’s name was Dave ‘Dingo’ he had an Australian accent and was always enthusiastically announcing things like the 20 minute dance party on deck 7 or that deck 4 has sprinkles.

You will not receive an accurate map nor information about your next port unless it relates to booking an overpriced activity or excursion. And Internet service is $30 per day. Best bet is to check your emails when you arrive at your docking destinations most of the restaurants had free wifi…and negotiate when you get places. There is tons to get into.

And all the restaurants on the ship serve the same food. They just arrange it differently.

There are lots of shuffle board courts on decks perfect for socializing and getting the scoop on cruises from fellow cruisers .

The elevators take forever and are always full. Take the stairs, you probably ate 3 plates worth of food for dinner so you should probably take the stairs anyway.

The towels folded as animals and surprisingly very impressive.

Water… bring your own bottled water. The ship’s water taste sketchy and half of the water dispensers are out of order at any given time.

Everyone is super friendly, the workers the passengers…it’s pretty cool. One thing I notices is that the staff don’t get much time off. One of the fitness instructors said that he had been working for 2 weeks straight and within that time had only had 4 hours off…sounds exploitative, but they did seem happy and I don’t know the full details of their working arrangements.

Mind your head if you are sleeping on the bottom bunk

Being vegetarian/vegan, gluten free or pretty much having any kind of “dietary restriction” better yet, if you aren’t into eating heavy salt sugar and starchy meals it’s challenging to eat balanced. The folks on the ship never want to exclude, I guess it’s part of the hospitality so you’ll find yourself asking about 3 people for every dish if it’s dairy free, vegetarian etc. and most likely it won’t be dairy free (gluten free etc.) and if it doesn’t contain dairy (or whatever else you are attempting to stay away from to stay clean) it will be ridiculous salty or sweet. The part that makes it super rough is that you are pretty much trapped on the boat for the majority of the trip. And you are not allowed to bring food from your ports back on the ship.

It’s a great way to visit many places. I’m Belizean on my mom’s side and it was honestly the least expensive way to get there. While I was there I discovered that you can catch a bus up north to Playa Del Carmen Mexico, right outside of Cancun, for about $9 then catch an inexpensive flight back to the U.S. I even ended up meeting folks who jumped ship at certain spots along the cruise…don’t think you are suppose to do that but hey it’s your life

Overall it’s a dope experience, mostly because my folks are dope and central America is dope. Glad to roll with @Kennebrew the 2M2X crew and Tough Dumplin on my first communal yachting experience aka cruise.

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If you find your self in the NYC on May 31st, be sure to come visit me at the Ladies Love pop Up shop, from Noon-8p Located at
273 Bowery @ Houston st, NY, NY. I’ll be there all day with the new collection along some of the most innovative inspiring makers that I know.

P.S. Most of the new stuff including the pants are unisexed sized, for all my fave dudes and Junk Princes.

The following is the press release for the event.


Shopping Event Showcases the Freshest Fashion, Homemade Decor, Independent Artists, Local Flavors + more at the Houston Street Center!


NEW YORK, NY April 11, 2014 — On Saturday, May 31st, 2014, the LADIES LOVE PROJECT presents its seventh POP-UP SHOP! – to be held at Houston Street Center from 12pm – 8pm.


At the intersection of LES museums, storefronts, schools and busy sidewalks – LLP is ecstatic to once again bring its 2014 Spring POP-UP Art Market to the masses! We invite you to come out, welcome the new season with our favorite taste-makers and new up + coming artistans – all ready to meet your life’s style needs!


The Ladies Love Project, a brainchild of renowned street artist TOOFLY, sound sensation Circa95’ duo,  Patty Dukes & Rephstar and creative non-profit aficionado A.Mari, brings NYC’s most creative underground artists and designers right to YOU.  Our one-day-only events allow for an intimate, yet energetic market shopping experience – designed to familiarize consumers, media representatives and trendsetters with artists currently celebrating prominence.


LLP promises that this springs art menu will please folks from all walks of life – whether you’re new to the shop or not! Into the environment like BESOS NOT BOMBS who specialize in recycled gear; love staying/being young with toys by MARKA 27; want to peep new styles from EDWIN SOTO for you or your boo; or, want to pull up a chair and relax while EL SALONSITO touches up your nails? We got you covered!


Remember your favorite bracelet, canvas or tee from our last shop and want more? We can’t wait to see you and neither can our vet vendors like VANILLA MEDALLIONS, JUNKPRINTS, LIl EGO / LIL DIVA and  WONDER LEE – among others!


Worried about being hungry or thirsty? Don’t sweat it! Cupcakes by Jenny Kinns, Martha’s Kitchen & LLP will have plenty of sweet, savory and palate satisfying treats for you, fam and friends all day!

Circa ’95’s RephStar, DJ Enygma, and DJ Polarity will tag team on the 1’s and 2’s for non stop jams all day. A live broadcast of the event will be streamed at and will feature a performance showcase by Aurora Barnes – NYC based singer/songwriter/actress siren whose debut EP ‘Fair Game,’ is about to drop – and Rhyme Factory – the grassroots MC cypher that’s all about spreading Hip Hop.


From start to end, our official event photographer, Samantha Morales, will be sure not to miss taking the best candids of all our amazing market-goers, so get ready to put that hot selfie face on! We’d love to see you, so before you end your SHOP experiencer, definitely stop by the LLP Fam Table for LOVEswag and enter a chance to win an official LLP Tote with surprise SHOP gifts from a variety of our vendors!


Our LLP spring event venue, Houston Street Center at 273 Bowery, is a community arts and culture event space, plays host to the eclectic mix of talent. LLP is honored to again be partnering with this NYC cultural cornerstone, as the shop prides itself in exposing both new and established artists.


Art on canvas, handmade goods, jewelry, t-shirts, graffiti, live music—you name it— the LADIES LOVE PROJECT SPRING POP-UP SHOP doesn’t get any more New York than this! We want to rock with YOU – so join us at the SHOP on 5/31/14!!


“Having the LADIES LOVE PROJECT POP-UP SHOP in the heart of the lower east side is a perfect fit,” says Patty Dukes and Rephstar of Circa 95’. “All of the vendors have styles that honor old New York, yet each demonstrates a unique progression with great, must-have niche items.”


“This shop is going to be our best edition of the shop yet! We are thrilled to be back at HSC and are ready to bring in springtime with artists we know & love and newcomers we can’t wait to bring to you!”    – A.Mari


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WOMEN’S WORK opening this friday

In celebration of Women’s History Month and beyond, The LeRoy Neiman Art Center presents WOMEN’S WORK – an exhibition highlighting the work of ten New York artists:

Amber Doe, Beatrice Lebreton, Chanel Kennebrew, Kathleen Granados, Monique Schubert, Myrah Brown Green, Nancy Elsamanoudi, Valerie Deas, Wilhemina Grant and Xia Gordon.

Their backgrounds, experiences and media vary widely; they are emerging, mid-career and established; they are self-taught and academic, and; their perspectives on the world around them are many. Each, through her art, however, has a personal message to share and WOMEN’S WORK brings these imaginative stories, and distinct personalities, together to convey the breadth of their experiences and perspectives on life.

Key dates include:
• Opening Reception: Friday, March 14, 2014 | 6-9pm
• Artist Talk: Saturday, March 29, 2014 | 4-6pm
• Exhibition Dates: March 11, 2014 – April 26, 2014


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Black Artstory Month 2014: Native Sons and Daughters Opening Reception Feb. 1st 8p-10p,

Black Artstory Month 2014: Native Sons and Daughters Feb. 1st-28th


Opening Reception Feb. 1st 8p-10p, The Emerson  561 Myrtle Avenue Brooklyn, NY
Black Artstory month celebrates the enduring influences and contributions made by African Americans within the visual and performing arts world. I am honored to have works included in two locations for this exhibition.
The Emerson   561 Myrtle Avenue

Dee and Rickys 503 Myrtle Ave

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Black Future Month Exhibition Feb. 1st

BLACK FUTURE MONTH 3014 at Feb. 1st-28th
The 1st of its kind in Toronto, its a Group Art Exhibition centered around Afrofuturism. Several artist taking a creative look into our distant future.

future_monthCheck out the opening:

BLACK FUTURE MONTH 3014 at Feb. 1st-28th
Opening Reception Feb. 1st 6p-11p, Daniels Spectrum: 585 Dundas St East, Toronto, ON

Fore More info check out the facebook page

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