I think this post is going to be like when your fave TV is about to have the the final episode and they relive all the great moments from seasons past. So if you've been following dookyblog  sinceway back in May of 2006 (on blogger) you may wanna skip this post. For ya'll that are new to the dooky, this actually was a poop log (no pun intended) at one point and over time I realized that that the word was filled with way more poop than I'll ever flush down a toilet (or leave in a porta potty) so now it's mostly a metaphore and a space to work out my thoughts and scribe sections of my life.  My dad's a pooter and poo joker and that's prob where it all started. My digestion is not the best and so the act of taking a good crap has def become a treasured one. After all who want's to be full of shit? not me! I do have a point to this but it's taking me a while to get there because I way too sleepy to write this but it's fun and the closest I'll ever get to sending a drunk email to an ex-lover...oh I remember, last night I met a real poo conosour. If ya'll thought I loved poo, wait to ya'll check out Poo's Pooetry, def a bigger poo lover than I and I have mad love for that. While we are on the topic of poo, my pal Jen got me this awesome book, "What You're Poo is Telling You" I love it! Well enough off all this poo crap, live well, eat well, poo well Cheers Chanel
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nar⋅cis⋅sism –noun 1.inordinate fascination with oneself; excessive self-love; vanity. 2. Psychoanalysis. erotic gratification derived from admiration of one's own physical or mental attributes, being a normal condition at the infantile level of personality development. I think that we are all narcissistic. We could have never agreed to terms of normality without some narcissism. Narcissism is what we use to gauge our aesthetics,  social groups, and general behavior. It's the reason why folks of color are constantly feel like they are under represented/ mis-represented in the media. We want something to identify with, not tokenism or sidekicks. Things are changing and that's good. But it's wild that Obama is considered Black and not white...when he's both. I guess it's because of the U.S.'s narcissism views. Ya'll know I try and design with social relevance so I present to you Matilda. She's prob not gonna save the world or patch up the economy but She's cute, silly, is made in my own image (just like you to J.C .some would say), and I relate to her. Hope you do too.

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