But they decided that the back of my head was much better. I use to create branded artwork for Macy's and they decided they wanted some diversity. This project was extremely taxing on me because I felt that they wanted too look like 'diversity' but didn't really want it, most of the concepts that ended up getting approved we're, well, not so good. I tried to challenge them to do better, better socially and realize that diversity in the US is not a trend. It's a reality that appears to be a trend because of lack of visibility in mainstream media. We made so much amazing work for the project but what was chosen sucked to me.  This was one of the test shots, yep it's me. Go figure that this would be the one plastered on the Fulton street Mall Macy's window. I guess they figured, 'Hey aren't there Black people in Brooklyn, Let's see what we have, well we have all this amazing work but let's use this one stupid picture and show em that they are really are still for sale' I'm so embarrassed  that I had to share.

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  1. Yeah, my pockets got pretty lined for the project. I guess it’s like when the Black Eyed Peas got Fergie, they knew they were gonna get paid but….Fergie?

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