Hiya America!

I am finally back home after an extended vacation. Out of all the things to think about before going abroad a volcano eruption was certainly not something I had anticipated. If you have been keeping up with the Dookyblog then you already know that I went to England for my cousin's wedding and feared that as a bridesmaid I would end up looking hideous. Luckily, the dress was not as bad as I had thought and all was well for the most part. I had a great time in England and definitely felt a bit of a culture shock. Below are a few things I learned abroad: 1. Everyone says "Hiya"; not "Hello", "Hi", "Hey", or "What's Up". Just "Hiya". 2. When someone says "cheers" they are not about to make a toast; they are saying "thank you". 3. Most houses, most commonly called flats are not equipped with dryers, so be prepared to hang your clothes everywhere if you want them to dry. Oh, how I missed my dryer. 4. If you are a card carrying member of "Overpackers Not-so Anonymous" like me then feel free to laugh at everyone who tells you not to pack so much. My over packing helped me survive the extra week. 5. What we refer to as "fanny packs" are known as "bun bags" in England. Turns out that in their culture "fanny" means "vagina". I learned that one the hard way. 6. For those of you who are not fans of the typical English breakfast shown below head to your local grocery store and befriend a jar of Nutella. 7. If you want to look "fashionable" then wear false eyelashes, hair so big it almost rivals Snooki's from Jersey Shore, a bright orange tan, and a denim on denim outfit with Union Jack Ugg boots. If you want to walk around without being laughed at by me then don't wear any of that. Below are some pictures from my trip for your viewing pleasure:
You can see all of London from here (the thing that looks like a ferris wheel). I wasn't willing to wait an hour in line though.
This person was protesting against everything from Marks and Spencer's to Sri Lanka, to concentration camps. It was hilarious. My advice for protesters is to choose ONE thing and run with it; don't protest everything.
Big Ben. Funny story: I almost bought my friend a condom that said, "Have you seen Big Ben?", but then remembered my father's name is Ben and that would just be horrbily awkward.
A "performance artist" whose job is to not really perfom;just stand there like the tin man.
A positive aspect of my extended vacation was that I got to attend London's Alternative Fashion Week. Yes, there was a silver lining.
Oh hey! That's me being very touristy in my trenchcoat which they refer to as a "Mac". Why? I'll google it and get back to you because no one else seemed to know why.
In case you were wondering how I survived the extra week I was lucky enough to have stayed with family during my time there. So, no I was not stranded at the airport. Hallelujah, holla back!

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