Music Monday: Coast to Coast Music Anthems

You can tell a lot about an area by the music that represents it. Let's take a musical journey across the nation, shall we? Please note that the songs were not chosen by any sort of musical merit, but rather because they aim to describe a certain kind of people that live in an area. Some say that the West Coast is the best coast. I think they say that just because it rhymes. Either way we'll start there with Katy Perry's "California Girls" featuring Snoop Dogg. Below are the lyrics to the song: First, I'll note that they do not play the version featuring Snoop Dogg on all radio stations. Personally, I think the song sounds much better with him on it, but I digress. So, what have we learned about California from this song. 1. California seems to be overtly focused on appearance. 2. Absolutely everyone goes to the beach. 3. Every classy lady sips Gin and Juice. 4. Californian girls are unforgettable. Maybe it's because they're all on television. I'm sure California can't be this bad. I'll have to visit one day. I think I need some more information about California and while we're at it let's throw in every other coast with the "Welcome to Atlanta" remix featuring...everyone. Atlanta 1. Freaknik will never be the same. 2. Everyone (black that is) lives in Atlanta. 3. The Waffle House is the best late night hot spot. Sounds yummy. 4. There's a party every night. Do people actually work there? 5. There has to be interesting things in other parts of Georgia. Maybe Atlanta should just be it's own state. Just kidding. New York 1. New Yorkers are rude. Diddy starts his verse out with "Welcome to New York M*****F******" 2. Out-of-towner's should carry mace; just to be safe. 3. Yankees rule supreme. 4. New Yorkers are cocky. That's a given though. 5. To go anywhere in New York you have to roll deep like Diddy. What was he at that time? Diddy, Puffy, Sean? Who ever he was he had a large crew of people in the video. St. Louis 1. They "hop to what's hip".  No words. 2. What happened to the St. Lunatics? What's really good? 3. Remember when people used to wear jerseys? Glad those days are gone. 4. Did Nelly get paid from Nike for his song "Air Force Ones"? 5. Murphy Lee says St. Louis girls are essentially loose women. Fellas start your engines. 6. They "learn from Ike Turner". Really, just because it rhymes doesn't mean it's right. 7. After this do I really want to cross that bridge. I'll think about it. California (again) 1. What are polyseeds? 2.  "Alot of homies like to wear there pizzerm. Hair longer than hers short with the fizzurbs". The guy's hair are longer than the girl's hair. What do they sell over there "Just For Me... For Men"? 3. I'm glad Snoop's  Izzle Shizzle s*** isn't spoken anymore. 4. According to Snoop the drug scene is rampant. 5. Block parties seem fun, but then there's that whole "cold hearted killas" thing. 6. Katy Perry's California seems much safer. If California gets to go again then it's only fair to do New York again. Plus, how can I do this post without talking about "Empire State of Mind" by Jay-Z featuring Alicia Keys. 1. People there bleed Yankee blue. 2. They really don't like tourists. 3. Most people don't make it in New York as previously advertised. 4. Doorknockers are still in style. 5. Can't talk about the city without fashion. 6. No one sleeps in New York. and Ambien sales are through the roof. 7. New York is a dreamer's paradise full of inspiration for the creative. Now all of those places are alright, but I would like to end this trip at our nation's capital and my hometown. That's right, Washington, D.C. which is a part of the DMV (Department of Motor Vehicles D.C. Maryland Virgina). "Go-Go" is a very popular music genre in the DMV area. Below is a Go-Go song about the nation's capital. Enjoy! 1. We're less aggressive than New Yorkers. 2. Still dangerous though. 3. "Keeping it real" means that we re-elect officials with drug problems. 4. Everything is "Cowboys and 'Indians' ". 5. Videos are low-budget...for now. Wait til Go-Go blows up. 6. "Stop taking us lightly".

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