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Just in case you haven't read our lovely header; you're at the Dookyblog. Greetings and salutations to all our new comers and regulars. Some people may find our chosen moniker strange, but to us in the Junkprints clan it makes perfect sense. I'm sure Chanel's reasoning for the name differs from mine, but to me, Dookyblog is the perfect name for the blog of Junkprints because dooky is a kind of junk and plus we credit our site as "A fine place to talk sh!t". However, if you are looking for the latest celebrity gossip you won't find it here. Have you ever thought about Dooky before? I just thought I'd put that out there because it sounds absolutely absurd. Maybe it's because I write for a blog that goes by the name of Dooky, but I have realized that there have been great moments in Dooky history. So many, in fact, that I  feel that it would be a great disservice not to share them with you. I'd like to start off with a quick definition of the word dooky (as if you didn't already know). Dooky( also spelled as dookie): crap, poo, sh!t, ca-ca, fecal matter, the list goes on. Okay, now we can begin: 1980s: Dookie Rope Chains

Big Daddy Kane

Dookie Rope Chains were the jewelry of choice in Hip-Hop for artists like Slick Rick and Rakim, among many others. According to DJ Jazzy Jeff, "Slick Rick had the most [ropes], but I think Rakim did it better than everybody else. The Fila suit with one gold chain-it was fly!" Rope chains were most certainly fly. Wearing one or many meant that you were relevant in the streets.  The late rapper Easy-E once said, "Everybody on tour had a big rope. You wasn't nothing if you ain't had your big rope. The bigger rope determines your status." 1990s: Dookie Braids
"Sheneneh" from Martin
Janet Jackson in Poetic Justice
I'm sure that this style was worn well before the 1990s, but they were popularized on a wider scale by Janet Jackson in the movie Poetic Justice and Sheneneh on the television show Martin. A little tidbit about me: In high school I dressed up as Sheneneh one year for Costume Day. Unfortunately, living in the suburbs I should've known better because most kids were unfamiliar with the character. Sucks to be them because Martin was a really funny show, so they definitely missed out on it. Also, does anyone remember the British girl group Cleopatra? They wore dookie braids a lot in the 90s. At the time I was so fascinated by the group that I mimicked the style and referred to it as "Cleopatra Braids". No, I will not post any pictures of that. I think we've seen enough of my childhood days. 1994: Green Day Dookie Album
Dookie Album Cover
Dookie was Green Day's third full studio album. The album is the group's best selling album to date and their only album to reach diamond status. Yes, I'm talking about diamond as in "diamond's are a girl's best friend", diamonds. The following are some of the most popular songs on the album:
  • "When I Come Around"
  • "Welcome to Paradise"
  • "Basket Case:
  • "She"
  • "Longview"
2006: No that's not a sh!t stain on your computer's the birth of the Dookyblog!
Last Halloween (2009) Chanel dressed up as a Cat Person. Pretty awesome costume. You won't believe what I dress up as.
In May of 2006 the Dookyblog was birthed on blogger by Chanel. The birth of the dooky happened like this: Way back when in 2006 the word blog used to be a very dirty word. So, one day Chanel saw a couple on the subway full on making out and she yelled at them, "Why don't you guys get a room!" Then the male half of the couple came up for air and yelled back at her, "Why don't you go and blog yourself!" Then Chanel thought to herself, "Maybe I will". Sometime later the Dookyblog was born with Chanel having to raise it as a single mother until.... 2009: Anuli to the rescue!
I dressed up as a Lion Tamer. Pretty funny since we didn't plan it. I wish we were in the same city because I couldn't find anything to tame in my city, so I bought a pen with a lion on it. Yes, I know that's lame, but I couldn't find any good stuffed animals or a cat person.
In case you forgot, my name is Anuli and I contribute to the Dookyblog? Why? Because I can and child neglect is not cool. I'm like it's second mother. Not every blog has two mommies, but Lil Dookyblog knows that every blog family is different and special. Some blog families have a mommy and a daddy, but ours doesn't which is perfectly fine. This is how we met. This is where I started talking sh!t.

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