Parents Understand, but They Just Don’t Care

When I was fifteen I really wanted to get a second hole in ears. Very daring, right. Yeah, I know it's really no big deal nowadays. I decided that rather than do it myself like some of my friends did with a needle and a lemon, I would do the honorable thing and ask my mother for permission first. To my dismay, she flat out told me no. Her reasoning was that it would look unprofessional in the corporate world. Yeah, because I was really thinking a lot about the corporate world when I fifteen. Right. At the time I just accepted and til this day do not have my second holes pierced because I eventually got bored with the idea. Now the most interesting part of this story is what happened the day after I asked my mother about get my ears pierced. The next day we go to the mall and to my surprise she gets a second hole in her ears. The first thought that ran through my mind was, "Oh no she di-in't" and the second thought was, "hyprocrisy, hypocrisy, HYPORCRISY". You would believe how mad I got that one day she says I can't do something and then the next day she goes on and does it herself. Eventually, I calmed down and asked her why she decided to get it done and she told me it was because she was old, already had a good job, and didn't need to impress anyone. I still think it was a lame excuse, but I accept it. Now don't get me wrong, my mother is the most fabulous person in the world to me and I feel myself eerily becoming more like her everyday, but what I learned from that experience is that as much as we think our parents don't understand us and how it is to be young the truth is that they do. They were young once just like us, and am sure were just as rebellious towards the generation before them. So, contrary to the words of the Fresh Prince, parents really do understand, but they just don't care because they're old, already have jobs, and don't need to impress they say. In other words, they paid their dues and as Sheree from The Real Housewives of Atlanta would say, "Who Gonna Check Me Boo?"

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