Art Installation: Luke Jerram’s “Play Me, I’m Yours”

At my old school sometimes I would study in the student center which featured just about anything a college student would need including a Starbucks, food court, a lot of seating area, a game room, and a lone piano on the second floor. Sometimes a brave individual would play a medley of songs that could be heard on multiple floors. It often reminded me of the Nordstrom department store where you could always find a pianist performing while you shopped. One day I went to study in the center and was able to score one of the coveted tables on the second floor. Just as I was getting into the groove of studying somebody begins to play the piano on the second floor. It would have been lovely because I like to study to the sounds of contemporary jazz anyway, but this so-called pianist was horrible. I almost began to feel embarassed for him because people began to shout at him, but then I remembered I had two finals to take the next day and he was distracting me. Cue imaginary laser beams of disgust from my eyes. I was reminded of that time recently when I read about an art installation in New York by artist Luke Jerram. Luke Jerram is a British artist who works through a variety of mediums including sculptures, live art, and installations. If you are in the New York area between now through July 5th  be sure to check it out "Play Me, I'm Yours". For this installation Jerram installed sixty pianos around Manhattan and its surrounding areas for anyone to play from 9 a.m. to 10 p.m. Even Cyndi Lauper has performed at one of the locations. If you are interested in tickling the ivories yourself in public then click here for piano locations.

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