Honestly that movie sucked. My pal Jen (and Photo Biz partner) and went to see see it (we found tickets left in the machine, how lucky for us 😉 But upon watching Watchmen we realized why those tickets were left. About 5 people walked out of the theater. It was like X-men meets the Chronicles of Narnia. We had a blast at the Artists and Flea Market in Williamsburg. It was great to see Paulette (Dahlia Soleil), Ezra (Gmome NYC) and Georgia (holds down the event and makes amazing jewelry). Gosh I do miss vending and look forward to getting Junkprints out on the streets when it warms up...ooooh we're heading to Boston and DC this year...more on that later. Anyhoot, I love just about anything shiny, it's as if my inner drag must emerge! While purusing the goods I came across these amazing dungaroos by Jana of Knickers and No Fur Coats...I want all my underroos to be made by her.

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