Essence of McQueen

Alexander McQueen’s clothing designs were always a shock factor to the fashion world. Along with his very eccentric designs his concepts are another contributing factor to what made him a very profound designer.

McQueen doesn’t go with the trend. He exploits sexuality within his work by just tracing it back to the body form. He sculpts out the lumps, bumps, and proportions in that form.

McQueen work goes beyond just fashion design. It is more like a work of art. His approach to presenting this work of art has the same visual appeal as if you were viewing a painting on a wall.

Just like his clothes McQueen goes into great lengths to bring excitement and amazement in with his fashion shows. It doesn’t feel like watching a normal fashion show, it’s more like watching performance art, as the openings are dramatic as well as aesthetically pleasing.

What I found amazing about McQueen is that he didn’t have a wealthy up bringing; his parents were normal working class folks. His hard work and passion was what got him to reach the to the top.

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