African Vogue

As a campaigned for Vogue’s publishers to create an African version of its magazine photographer Mario Epanya spent months doing a photo shoots, beautiful creating fictional magazine covers, featuring only African models to show his vision. Conde Nast, who is the Vogues publishers, rejected his vision. I don’t see why we have to go to Vogue to validate culture. Vogue is for fashion not an endorser of culture.

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  1. hello

    The DEFINITION OF CULTURE is a combination of social ,religious,intellectual,politicals and artistics structures that define a civilasation,or a society …
    Sorry to ofend you that you’re wrong when you said Fashion is not part of a culture .but through decades ,we are all the products of American & european civilisation trough their music(hip hop ,r’n’b ..)fashion (Levis,Ck ..)movies etc..,but Africa also have great creatives trough arts ,and have a lot to say about its civilasation that can be share with the rest of the world too .and why Vogue you’ll ask ?instead of creating our new mag
    For a simple reason ,It’s a long time ago that Africa don’t belong to africans anymore…so let’s compromise .ins’t what life is all about????

  2. Hi Mario,
    It’s Chanel, I run this blog and Junkprints.

    First off, I love your work for this project. It’s outstanding and it’s a shame that it was rejected. I completely agree with you fashion is culture….period.

    With that being said I feel that your vision should still experienced. Fuck Vogue, get it out there anyway, no reason why it’s can’t exist. Vogue has never REALLY represented Africa (with the exception of some, tokenism, exploitation, ‘influence’ exoticism etc.) and I guess I can’t see why the would now.

    I’d love to see this publication exists and would even be interested in lending a hand shoot me a line

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