Acceptable Coonery

Every once in while I find my self making a conscious effort to not be  a negative stereotype of a black person…and then I feel super silly about it, because I can’t fully control how folks will or won’t react to things and that type of over analysis is retarded. With that being said, I am particular about who I’ll eat watermelon in front of…I ain’t no coon, I’m just sayin.

I love (and hate) my hip hop music and must admit that I jam out to alot of things I can’t co-sign on and have taken the liberty to compile a short, non complete list of extreme cases.

1. Ain’t No Fun (If the Homies Can’t have None) by Snoop
Can’t say that I’ve ever tried to convince my lovers to make Mclovin’ with my homies, but hey, what ever floats your boat.

2. Ante Up by M.O.P. Honestly I never find my kidnapping people, but do consider it as a career option when I hear this.

3. Anything by the Clipse
Generational drug dealing is always makes for entertaining dinner conversations

4. Just about anything DJ Quick has ever said.

I consider my self to an educated, well rounded, cultured gal, and these def do not fit in with my feminist views but I love them to pieces and the only justification I can give for this, is that I love the stories. Yeah, I wouldn’t necessarily compare Ante Up with the Bicycle Thief,  or Chinua Achebe Things Fall Apart but they all tell  engaging  stories.

What music do you get engaged with but don’t relate to?

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  1. I love any Chicago House and Ghetto House. That said it’s a tie for “Ass and Titties” and Beat that B*#ch with a Bat”. It’s the beat!!

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