The promotional campaign is officially on!!! I Love music….no, I really love music. In a time like this, when hipsterism and the fear of being a hater have tainted our judgment on the music we like, I have decided to make ya’ll a lil mix tape. I swear if I hear one more person say “I love all kinds of music and have 8 terabytes of everything including songs that don’t even exist yet” or something along those lines I’m going to puke! C’mon son, we all know you have like 10 songs that you play on repeat…don’t be ashamed, it’s okay to have a preference. I have preferences and want to share them with you (like I always do ;). So here’s the story of the EP, some of the tracks I kinda begged for, and some were inspired by a retarded long list of songs I was really feeling that month. I distributed the list to my super talented musician pals, kinda made them work together under the direction of Mr. Tough Dumplin and they returned with this.  This project was filled with many late nights on the roof of an undisclosed Red Hook building, a stuffy Kensington Bedroom Room, coast to coast chit chats,  jokes, tears, new friendships and old ones. Hope you enjoy it as much as I do and tons of love and thx to all the musicians on Junkyard Radio!

Junkprints Radio Vol. 17

The following is the track listing and here’s a link to the whole thing! Now ya’ll know that this project wouldn’t be complete with nifty packaging and a collection of merchandise including apparel, skate decks accessories and shoes inspired by the ep. This limited edition Cassette tape USB is free with selected online purchases.

1. Two Weeks
by Earl Greyhound
Vocals: Matt Whyte & Kamara Thomas
Guitar: Matt Whyte
Bass: Kamara Thomas
Drums: Chris Bear

2. Brooklyn Breeze
Lyrics & Vocals: Dana Athens
Production: Brian “Raydar” Ellis & Lee Turley for The Faculty Enterprise

3. Let It Fly
Lyrics & Vocals: Raydar Ellis,Tough Dumplin
Teen Beats, R.ME George Reefah
Production:  Brian “Raydar” Ellis & Lee Turley For The Faculty Enterprise
Bass: Lee Turley
Additional Keyboards & Sounds : Lee Turley

4. JunkYard Radio
Lyrics, Vocals & Production: Brownbird Rudy Relic

5. Toro Toro Toro – Remix
Vocals & Lyrics: Lisa Marr
Original version appeared on the EP “Soda and Lisa Sing You Some Songs”
Remix Production:  Shahab Zargari

6. Rolla Skatin’ – Remix
Lyrics & Vocals: Manchilde feat. Tough Dumplin & R.ME
Production: Think Twice

7. Fighting Discrimination
Lyrics & Vocals: A very nice guy
Production: Tough Dumplin

8. Kate Goes to Jail
Lyrics & Vocals: Teen Beats feat. Eliki
Production: Teen Beats

9. Brooklyn35
by Tough Dumplin & TBD
Production: Tough Dumplin

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