Peace Out 2010

Life is moving so fast. It’s a wonderful. Just dance to the rhythm or slow down the record from time to time.  This year was great, had alot of gifts from the universe learned alot of lessons, started playing with more kids, made some major moves both literally and figuratively, had my feathers ruffled some, ruffled some others feathers, had my morals/standards uncomfortably tested, grew a little, shrank a little, became a better person in someways, and I’m sure worst in others, overall it’s been a good year, but I’m ready to let it go and march right into 2011. I’m thankful for what is, but must admit I want more. Not necessary more stuff but more options, visibility, challenges and influence.  I’m more decisive than I’ve ever been and more excepting and expressive of that.  I’m expecting alot of my self so I’m sure I’ll be raising hell, blastin’ open doors, screaming, dancing, traveling and apologetically making shiny, sharp things in 2011.

Peace out 2010, and Hello there 2011, let’s dance.

PS, and as for how I feel about the stuff going on outside of my arms reach, my gal Dodai couldn’t have said it better

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