Humpty Dumpty Health Care Bill Part 3

Its been almost a year and we still have millions of people without health care. I mean the bill said 2014 will be the year where we will see the details of the bill finally come through, but aren't we supposed to blow up, be eaten by aliens, and move to the moon by then ? WHAT IS TAKING SO LONG. I'll tell you, nobody sitting in the House or the Senate wants to give us the same health care plan that they have because apparently we are different. Don't we all deserve to be fixed if we so happened to accidentally engage ourselves in Final Destination movie scenarios? They rather have us all look like Humpty Dumpty (after the fall or-- the push), and tell us everything will be o.k. because we made falling to your death without any funds to fix yourself seem cute by making it a child's nursery rhyme. What if the clumsy egg was your 80 year old grandma, I think you would want all the king's horses and all the king's men to put grandma who needs treatment for her diabetes and funds for her Hover Chair to be put back together again. As of now, the bill is in the midst of being repealed because its unconstitutional. It is labeled unconstitutional because Obama wants "everyone" to have health care and not just some people. It is said to create death panels, raise taxes, and create nuclear waste and transform us all into New York pigeons. Republicans say it will cripple job growth and ruin the economy, they want to cut spending and by repealing this bill they think it will do that. I wouldn't call it spending, I would call it helping. People, now or in the future, are going to need health care. There may be a consensus between the parties of what may have to happen first before health care can be truly reformed and that's Immigration Reform. But as of now, total concentration within the government is to watch Sarah Palin's "Alaska" TV show and to repeal the "Obama-care" instead of finding ways to be Canada-like. Because over there, overseas from what Brittney Spears thinks it is, they haveĀ  free health care and the only problem they have are the long lines. Canada's heath care system does not effect job growth at all. You sign up for the same health care everyone else gets. For Canada to be so close, how far away we have become. We make long lines seem like a problem, but the drive-thrus at McDonald's seem to be a line more appetising. We propose that if everyone in America had free health care then everyone would just run to the doctor for everything and the doctors wouldn't get paid their half a million dollar salaries, but mind you the teachers motivating little Bobby to become that doctor get little to nothing. 70% of Canada's health care is paid by their government in comparison to less than 50% in America, and in France, the government pays for nearly 80%. Did you know in Canada you can call your family physician to come by and check up on you, and here calling the doctors office sends you to a robot and a reason not to call. Why is it so hard. Still to this day, I find it amazing how we can go to the moon, plant probes on Mars, build faster computers, faster cars, but cant figure simple things out like heath care. Its not unmarked territory, but it may be unwanted territory. See America has always wanted to be the first to do things, I guess we would feel dumb following in the footsteps of other countries. We have lost so much time in not wanting heath care reform instead of finding ways to make it better. We can bailout car companies, oil companies, and all of Wall Street, but we cant fix our own people. Its time for our government to take all of the king's horses and all of the king's men and put America together again.

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