I hated wearing a uniform as an elementary and middle school student. Hey I could totally understand kids were getting shot left in right for wearing colors. Our school colors were navy and white, so we just looked like preppy crips. Though we did have lots of options, pleated skirts, box pleated skirts pants, shorts etc. When I was 13 my mom decided that I would look super cute in the pinstripe shorts with the suspenders. Long story short, for a good chunk of 8th grade I went to school looking like Pinocchio. In the era of cross colors, yes I was dressed like a fiddler. Needless to say i really hated taking the bus home that year. Don't worry I made up for my fashion restrictions in high school and spend those 4 years damn near dressing in drag, including bright wigs and stripper shoes at times. Recently I came across alot of dark denim and I've decided to take on a lil challenge and take a new approach to classic styles, pleats, denim. Basically I want to restructure the basics.

This skirt is made from a slightly stretchy denim, features a large front zipper and huge hip pleats. The waist band is French seamed (yeah I went all out on this). It is currently  available on junkprints and is made to order and has a production time of 7 business days.

The pants are coming soon, I'm currently grading the patterns and getting that fit just right 😉

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  1. Chanel, your denim line is amazing. I really want to buy dem jeans. Kick ass girl. Good luck with this. I’m sure I’ll see you around the craft fairs again where I ogle all of your fab stuff.

    Take care!


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