endless orders, originally uploaded by junkprints.

So last week I was Etsy’s featured seller…Yah and all that goodness. Let me tell ya what a mad house it was (is) around this itty bitty apartment. Okay so I answered all 200 inquiries, within 2 hours or receiving them…gold star for customer service department! I’ve done invoices, packing slips and garment prep for all orders. I’ve shipped out about 1/3 of all the orders received between feb 27 to now… gold star for production department.

Sleep, you ask? well Robots don’t sleep and I’ve sold my soul to the D.I.Y. gods in exchange for being changed into a robot 😉

All jokes aside…this has been pretty fun and I appreciate all the comments, inquiries and sales I’ve been bombarded with.


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  1. I remember seeing you on the fornt page! That is great! I hope that you can get some rest soon! Or maybe not because I don’T want your sales to slow down:) Best Wishes!

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