Some Black folks in North America wanna be African REAL bad, they take African dancing (as if Africa is city w/ 1 style of dance) wear Kente cloth that was made in China and listen to Fela. I love Fela as much as the next person but it’s like we have such a warped sense of self that we’ve filled in the blanks with this idea of ‘Africa’ and run around calling each other King and Queen (as if everyone on the whole continent was a Queen or King, hey some folks were/are farmers, prostitutes, traveler and or thieves. And if we’re making up some magical idea of Africa is, than what about the perspective of the various people in Africa. I just feel like some extreme pan Africanism is Fakin’ the funk. So I’ve decided to explore his with my aFAKIN Collection. All pieces are limited edition and are made from fabric rescued from a closed down textile store…and yes the ‘African’ batik fabric wasn’t even made in any part of Africa, but it was labeld ‘African Fabric’…my point exactly.

This will debut on in Early May

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  1. That is so true.My African friends schooled me on the error of that thinking a long time ago.And the people that are “fake Africans” really have no clue what life is like in Africa today and have absolutely no plans on moving there.

    Hot shit ((pun totally intended))…your conceptualisation for your line is so innovative and FRESH…every time.


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