It’s a wrap 2011…farewell and good riddens

I spent some time I spent a good chunk of this year restructuring junkprints and developing an awesome team. It's been interesting meeting and working with all types of folks. Honestly I have met with some real goons but the good ones always sift to the surface. I think I've left the knuckleheads behind 😉 Working with a small business is challenging. I've worked with a few as well as my own and it's def a double edge sword. The good part is that everyone and there tasks are quite visible. This is awesome because protocol is determined by real events and the rules are written as you go ie. no corporate bullshit or bureaucracy, just the task at hand and clever way to get it complete. The bad part is that there is no where to hide. If you are accountable for something and it doesn't get done, you can't wait for it to blow over or blame the person in the other cubicle. That includes the utmost way. If I'm sick my business is sick, late orders, compensated discounts to make up for it and a lower profit margin, loss of customers and supporters etc. My friend Mary always says, "you will pay for your lessons some how" and that's never been truer for me than now. Learning how to run a business has been my greatest challenge and I've often think that I run a business because I believe in my work more than working for someone else vs wanting to just run a business. Not quite sure if that's a good head space to run a business in, but for now, it is what it is. This year has been the year of assembling a great team. In many ways I feel like I'm growing up and this is being reflected in my work and the way I interact with folks. Funny part is that I thought I would gain more patience, but I'm discovering that patience spent on nonsense is retarded. Basically, I'm learning to manage my efforts and put my energy into the right places. This year I've been a bit introverted as far as social media outlets have been concerned, guess I've just been putting that energy into the work and team, you know, minding my business. The following are some of the highlights of the year Bikram Yoga, I discovered over the spring that I'm getting older and my knees creak like a haunted house and hurt every time I run so in late august I started doing bikram and hot yoga pretty regularly. I'm getting real flexible and if I keep this up will be like a wet noodle by this time next year. Yep, I'm working on getting to Cirque du Soleil status. So don't be surprised if the next time I see you I'm in a knot. Art in fancy places Over the holiday season I was commissioned to decorate windows for 6 awesome businesses along myrtle ave in Brooklyn Junkprints in a Chelsea gallery? What! Styling for People StyleWatch I've been pinning like crazies for people style watch magazine. The first issue that I styled (way back on october) is this Dec./Jan Issue. This has been pretty regular and I'm currently working on late spring issues. Traveling This year the crew and I took the Junkprints show on the road. Hitting up LA, Philly DC and d town and the goodies were shipping from Toronto to Paris, Mexico and the Netherlands What's next? more art, more up, more traveling, more surprises 😉

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