When it comes to buying property, I must admit that the concept of owning a piece of land sounds a bit absurd to me. I understand that wars have and are being waged in the name of land ownership and that a good chunk of the world believes in the concept of land ownership, but I'm not fully drinking the koolaid. Basically, one can't be 'owner' of land. It existed before us and will probably exist after us. Yes, I do acknowledge the work and resources put into building a structure for occupation, but even that is simple a relocation of resources and contracted services. As far as I'm concerned, that's it. The idea of working 30+ years to own something that can't really be owned sounds silly. Not to mention the housing and financial crisis we are currently experiencing. I do understand that for many systemic reasons a good chunk of Americans were not able to 'own' land. That's not cool we should all be able to engage in foolishness...equally. that's a whole different tangent maybe I'll get back to it one day. There may very well be one thing that is more foolish than the concept of 'owning land' and that is 'renting land'. In many ways I do buy into this system, because I'm renting a space in a building in one of the most expensive cities in the world. Well I have finally jumped off the fence and decided to but a building with some like minded folks . Yep you heard right, buy a building on a piece of land in a place that is currently known as Brooklyn new York. I'm calling this endeavour Project Buy a Building A Brooklyn...duh. And what does this means for Junkprints? Well it means more open studios (maybe a store), a larger work space and maybe some rooftop parties The goal is to be ready to buy no later than this time next year. My hustle is tight right now (real tight, style like crazy, make like crazy, sleep when I can get it, blog on train rides and eat lentils and rice tight) and I'm about 27% there financially, with a great team and 2 months a head of schedule. Guess I'm taking a bite of the apple and drinking the koolaid at the same time.

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