Dear Uncle Sam

Dear Uncle Sam,
You are like a very creepy family member and behave more like a member if the mob then a member of the family, so from here on out I’m just gonna call you Sam and drop the uncle shit. I’m wondering if it would be possible to get an itemized break down of where my tax dollars go. Just send it to my address. You know where to find me…after all you find me every year at the same time. I read some where that 40% goes to fund our expansive military complex. I don’t want to pay that much for that. Can I opt out? Let’s do away with annual property¬† taxes. A home isn’t a slot machine, let’s just have a sales tax and drop that fluctuating every year tax thing. Put it all into sales taxes. Also would it be possible to have taxes distributed to schools based on the numerical student population of the region verses dwelling location. I just think schools should get funding based on the amount of students they have not how rich their parents are. If rich people get really bugged out about that, they they can send their children to private school (most do that any way) and opt out of paying for public schools out of their taxes. Hey, if the education system gets better broader and more inclusive, I suspect that gentrification would be a thing if the past. Here’s how it breaks down. In our current system annual property taxes fund schools in that area and the annual property tax increases and decreases based off of some complicated, secretive schematic that factors income, census records, what color morning poo, horoscope etc. Lets trash that and just do income and sales tax. Then distribute the funds evenly per student. The child grows up, with a head full of relevant knowledge and tools to work in the environment they live in. They will have the tools to foster more beneficial contracts particularly¬† when it comes to real estate and development. Also what’s up with this tax bracket stuff? Let’s just tax 15% across the board…keep it simple. Oh yeah, and while I have your attention Sam, can civil servants get paid minimum wage? and minimum wage be a livable wage? Folks should want to serve their community with the intention of making it better, not getting rich. Speaking of civil servants let’s touch on police and the judicial system. They get paid out of our taxes right? So they work for the people right? OK if that is so, they are doing a bad job (I know the intentions are good, but let’s face it this isn’t really working out) and maybe they should be let got and just start over. If we know that black people are not biologically¬† prone to being criminals then why is that reflected in our prison, and all this brutality? Perhaps those departments have gotten lazy it’s time to get some fancy consultants in and redo this system. I’m not saying everyone is a bad apple but the whole system needs a complete new thought process behind it. I’d opt in for tax fund allocation for that. Well Sam, that’s all I have for now. It was a pleasure chatting with you. We should do this more often.

The most American,

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