Let me tell ya a little story about this video. So last Christmas Tough Dumplin, my sister and I set out to make a video for the Brooklyn35 song 'So Alive' We spent the whole day in the Philly loft playing with light, wardrobe, set ups, concepts and various cameras we rented for the project. Everything looks so forced and stupid and kaa kaa. We were just beat, having fun laughing at ourselves, but overall beat. I had purchased matching dinosaur jumpers for all of us and some how we ended up doing a spoof video of Drake's Hotline bling with our goofy choreography..I honestly cannot find that video. Tough Dumplin swears I have it...I swear he has it...who knows. Then it hit us. Let's just go outside. The day and evening were un-seasonally just a hoodie weather on Dec. 25th crazy huh?! ┬áThis is what we ended up with. I love it and I hope you do too.  

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