Zentai Suit

I'm not exactly sure how the Zentai Suit went undetected by my radar, but better late than never, thx to Lee. The full body coverage spandex suits have been making appearances in clubs in Japan (go figure) and even in London. If these things had pockets, they would replace my love for jumpers in a hot minute!

Not quite sure what it is about the 1 garment, total body coverage but I'm into it.  Beside the whole bathroom thing, these make the most sense. In the winter one could wear a neoprene or down filled Zentai Suit. My goals is to have Zentai Suit day in which all the suits on wall street were these to work instead.

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  1. Glad you found out about zentai. Yeah, it’s currently a trend, especially since the suits were sported in Boom Boom Pow music video by the Black Eyed Peas. Anyway, have you wore one yet? There comfort level is unreal.

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