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I love possibilities! Just love the concept of ‘what it?’…honestly I can go down that rabbit hole forever and that is generally where my creative process starts. Lately I have been obsessed with the concept of time and timing. Time is a cultural rhythm, it’s not a constant. For example, whenever New Yorkers travel just about any where they tend to walk about 7 times faster then any one else. In fact they even talk faster. this is very noticeable when out of New York City. One of the biggest complaints that westerners have when traveling to the Caribbean islands is ‘Island Time” I love that timing is specific to location and culture. I often wonder if pacing, timing and the inability to find a comfortable rhythm for all parties is the very basis for every conflict that ever was. A few years ago I was in Costa Rica and the Ticos were super excited about a new highway that was in the midst of being built, it was financed by the Chinese government and was to be repaid via toll revenue. Here’s the hitch, the deal was made so that the workers must be Costa Rican Nationals. For China the issue is that the Tico are on a much different schedule than the Chinese Workers. At the time I was there the highway was already taking years longer than anticipated by the Chinese. I’m sure causing concern for the investors. Hey, that’s what happens when the currency of time isn’t properly adjusted for another culture.

OK so what does this have to do with this big-O-calendar? Well, if time is cultural currency, the rhythm and pace shape the past, present and future, and a calendar is to keep track of future while commemorating cultural rituals, what if we shifted some things. I am a history buff but what I find the most interesting is the gap between the stories that get told so much that they are legendary and the ones that get told so little that are almost folklore. This calendar sits right in that space. Politically America is in a really stupid place, but we didn’t get here yesterday or Jan 20th 2017, this come from a long line of decisions. This oversized 2017 calendar explore the ‘what if’ many things happened differently. It’s sole purpose is to bring awareness to pacing and possibility. Get It Here


If you happen to be in  NYC. I will have a limited amount on hand at This friday’s Time Inc  Beat Holiday Pop Up shop.


See details below.


Time Inc’s

Beat Holiday Pop Up shop!


Friday, December 8, 2017

1pm to 7:30pm for Time Inc. Employees

5pm to 7:30pm for General Public

Life Multipurpose Center, 6th Floor


Time Inc.,  

225 Liberty St.,

New York City

This is a free event to attend but make sure to rsvp/register!

Space is limited.

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