It seems super appopriate to write this in an undisclosed loft in philadelphia. It’s time to tie up some loose ends and say goodbye to Junkprints. It was fun, painful, magical, sweaty and scary but it’s time to let that ish go and move all the way on. Huge thanks for those have been rocking with me if you’d like to see more of my creative endevours, process or other things I’ve been doing please follow¬†@Mz.icar.

I will no longer be posting from this account or any junkprints social media. the site will stay up as an archive for now

Pour out something for junkprints and pop a bottle for¬†mz.icar…preferably at the same time…waste not want not or something like that.

One day I was just walking around minding my own Junkprints business and I realized i had outgrown my dungaroos. I started tripping over yarn, thread, life ish, and curried love. I fell into a deep deep abyss only to find myself on the other side tangled up in nag champa, murals, spraypaint, yarn, glitter, blackness things, roller skates, collages, vitamix soup, backbends and all kinds of things bright and colorful. When I emerged, I found myself with incredible biceps in the stomach of a collective called Mz. Icar…its racizm…backwards.

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