Okay so you're allowed to buy 1 non Junkprints bag. This amazing MAGNETOPHON-CASE, made by Newafresh is really doing it for me. I know, in January I was raving about nostalgic radios and tapes being played out by urban outfitters but dopeness is dopeness and this case is fly. While I'm on the topic of music and fashion I have to show case another fantastic take on the topic. I've been in love with Miss Elizaveta's work since I first laid my junky eyes on it. I think what I like most about it is that it's the opposite of  'reasonable' and yet it has a real sensibility about it. She's also the one who put me on to Boom box case. Flud watches and me were bound to meet. My bro-in law had a photo shoot recently and showed me a pretty nifty watch, It wasn't all that, but I did like the case. While vending at the Recessionista shindig last sunday I spotted that same case, but watch in this case was amazing.  I'm not really big on watches the concept of being shackled to time bugs me out a bit  but the concept of rocking an oversized men's peice sound lovely. By the price points I have a feeling that they aren't made domestically . Can I have my cake and eat it too?

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