I'm a sucker for kitchy uniforms and flight attendant uniforms are my very favorites. The whole vibe around flight attendants in the 60s just rocks my socks off. The chauvinistic nature of the field is pretty lame but in fantastic idealism that retrospect provides, these ladies are my icons. I love Emilio Pucci, it may just be that I'm a sucker for circles and loud colors, Either way Pucci does it for me.

I just got the new issue of Frank magazine (you must be up on this handy lil mag, in a world of super dumbed down editorial it's a major sigh of relief). They featured a wonderfully odd gentleman by the name of Cliff Muskiet who shares my love of flight attendant uniforms. Check em out

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  1. Hey, I’m the Managing Editor at Frank151. I interviewed Cliff, the airline stewardess uniform collector! Thanks for the big ups! Would love to hear from ya!

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