I love music, grew up in a super musical household and can proudly say that the first concert that I ever bought tickets to was Lauryn Hill (Outkast was the opening act). And the first show I ever saw…humm I can’t remember, might have been War but I’m pretty sure it was Morris day and the Time, I’ll have to ask my dad on that one. I remember stopping by the studio when Tony! Toni! Toné! was recording their album and introducing my self to Raphael Saadiq…crazy huh..It’s even rumored that Jimmy Jam use to baby sit me, when my folks lived in Minneapolis…I don’t remember. As of now, they are all stories that my parents tell me mixed with childhood memories.  I started taking pictures for two reasons A: I loved working in the darkroom B: I wanted to shoot Musicians. Well I had a chance to do my fair share of both  and must say that I prefer to make Junk more. One day I’ll post my archive pics of  Common, Mos Def, Saul Williams, Alicia Keys etc. The only ego I really have to deal with in Junkprints is my own…and I can usually handle that.   After a year (2003-2004) or so of editorial work I decided to focus strictly on my art and more musician egos, bands and broke artists. My love of music has never gone away, it’s transitioned and though I rarely specify personalities in my work music seems to oooze through and I always find myself surrounded by musicians. This is the first year that I’ve embraced the music connection since my editorial days. It’s been really nice. This has def been the summer of music for me. Between studio Sessions w/ ‘The Faculty”, Tough Dumpin and George Reefah, making tees for Earl Greyhound, enjoying the live shows of Femi, Janelle Monae . In fact It’s been so nice that I decided to focus the little bit of vending I’m doing around music events. Starting with the Brooklyn Hip Hop Festival. Thx to all of you who came out despite the rain. My next event is the Afro Punk Block party, this Sunday. It takes place July 12th, on on Clinton Avenue between Myrtle & Willoughby, noon- 8pm. click the flyer for more info.


I’ll also be in Coney Island at the Siren’s Music Festival on Saturday July 17th from 10a-Sundown  I’ll have more on that next week 😉

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  1. I saw you over by BAM on monday but was too deep in the crowd to say hi without looking crazy.


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