When I first moved to NY from Toronto I was shocked at the amount of plastic bags that are commonly used. Most bodegas and grocery stores double and tripple bag a freakin' candy bar. It makes no sense. I even stared asking them not to double bag and at first they looked at me like I was crazy, but I've got my regulars trained now and they gladly single bag, but I'll bring a tote. So I was pretty stoked to read that starting June 1st 2008 China  is banning free plastic shopping bags. Wanna know something even more progressive, this ban has been in place in South Africa since 2003! Booo Ya Ka! So that brings us to our next question....When is the US gonna jump on the band wagon?

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  1. I live in Austin and there’s a lot of action against plastic bags. Grocery stores offer cheap tote bags (99 cents) as an alternative and Whole Foods is banning plastic bags from its stores entirely. There’s even an anti-bag coalition here. It’s pretty awesome seeing so many people and companies do this. Cool fact about South Africa. I do research in Mexico and there’s a plastic trash epidemic there.

  2. Yeah, well, I am Ukrainian and they have not had free plastic bags since somewhere between 98 and 00… Weird, I thought, considering they were then considered a 3rd world country… If you want to plastic it – u will end up paying for it… It;s great, hubby, little man and I went there in October of 07 and everyone carried their own cloth baggies around…

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