“Trashion Part 2” Art Exhibition Opening

11 TRASHION is a refuge for things underused, wasted, or under-appreciated to come together and form a larger work; a unified high energy experience of urban grit. TRASHION PART 2 features New York City artists who aren’t afraid to take risks and think outside the box. It is an interactive multi-media trash art inspired event series and gallery show which features art inspired by graffiti, recycled materials, surrealism, found toys, all kinds of tape, vinyl records, garbage bags, rusted steel, neck ties, paint samples, glitter, dreadlocks, newspaper, nails and more. The work seen here is engaged in a dialog with the urban landscape we live in and the human condition it creates. TRASHION seeks to envelop the audiences senses, inviting the viewer to expand their personal definition of what art is and their relationship to the world around them.

Featured Artists

Demostina, Jennifer Harris, Dan Walker, Walker Fee, Clockwork Cros, Isaac Aden, Kipton Hinsdale, Patrick Sheely, Kristy Lebowitz, David Levine, Marcus Jeferson, Emil Horowitz, Tara McManus, Ben Devoe, Francis Stallings, Rolando Politi, Preston Lee Jones, Coco Black, Chanel Kennebrew, Bruce Stiglich, Alexandra Lopez, Steven Ribuffo

Opening Festivities August 27th 6pm - 11pm Show runs til, September 22nd

Gallery 151, 350 Bowery, NY, NY

1pm-8pm 7 days a week

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