GOOD GOLLY IT’S Just about 20TEN

Happy New Ten!!!! As a child time seemed to go soooooooooo sloooooooooow. I feel like I can remember every freaking long minute of youth and somewhere around 14 time started to move really fast. Now  it’s like my whole world is spinning on some wonderful exhausting roller coaster, dragon ride. Exciting and scary at the same time. Even when i look at the clouds they seem to be running across the sky at a rate so fast that I can’t even make out shapes.

This year has been one of the worst and best years of my life!!! Being able to do Junkprints is my absolute dream come true and I ride on the backs of huge giants. I might be one lil maker but the amount of help guidance and assistance that I receive is so huge that I can’t begin to express how thankful I am in a blog posting. In fact i think ‘thankful’ has been the theme of 2009. I started the year off in the doldrums as many of you read in my facebook note. It can be really hard to be objective and reasonable when your hungry, but it can be death to creativity and ingenuity  if your too full. After doing some serious thinking and soul searching I figured it was time to get my rhythm back  so I made some major structural changes enlisted some help and decided that I am a business woman because I believe in myself as an artists so much that it would be ridiculous for me not the take my business seriously. I think I’ve said ‘no’ and started more emails with ‘unfortunately i can’t’ more times this year than I ever have.  I really needed to cut the fat, starting with myself.  It’s a a thin balance and I’m still learning, always learning.

With that being said! I’ve made a list of the Junkprints 2009 highlights…in no particular order

Doing an installation at the midtown Publicis office. It was a wonderful twist of irony.

Ask Chanel, which started off as a way to clear the inbox and has turned into a full on consultation service.

Matilda’s Online debut!!! Junkprints efforts to Un-colonize, one character a a time.

The Colored Fountain Illustration being included in the Art for Obama Book.

Younity’s Fresher Exhibit and big huge duffel (that sold)

The Dumpster Pool Party. I want to have one every weekend!!! Tris, Jonathan and Tahir ya’ll are the best!

The Mama Said Knock you out exhibit in Minneapolis


Speed Broaches

Junkprints on twitter

Anuli writing for dookyblog

Lady Gaga Custom record necklace!

Kim & Jen making Junkprints look real good


What’s next? Too much to share at this moment but the year 2010 will involve some international travel (tickets booked!), more art, more love,  more Junk!

Big huge thanx to Tris Graham, Jen Joyce Davis,  My parents/step-parents, siblings all my wonderful friends and family from LA/Denver/Toronto/NYC and world wide. Special Thx to the Parachute Crew in Red Hook, Kaos Blac, Earl Greyhound, Revive Da Live,  GC Records, Lyric Jones, Brooklyn Bodega, Etsy, Freshthetic, Younity Crew, Grunge Cake Magazine, Bust Magazine, Gawker media the Junkprints customers, fans, press, stores.  Thx ya’ll for dealing with my stubborn tenacity and helping me make my dreams come true.

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