Are you a Twit Wit?

At first, I was totally against the idea of Twitter. I thought that it was just another pointless social networking site. Now I actually have a twitter account. I was prodded to make one by a friend and now I don't mind it ... as much. I don't tweet everything I do like some people though. There are a lot of things people tweet about that I find unnecessary. Sometimes I wonder why I do it, but I honestly couldn't give you an answer. All I can say is that I try not to stay too connected to the computer or being online. Sometimes calling people, writing a letter, or meeting in person isn't all that bad...just saying. Sometimes you need a life offline. Check out this video I found. It inspired this post: Why do you tweet? Let me know. Follow Junkprints (Chanel): @junkprints Follow me (Anuli): @aainwonderland

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  1. That’s totally how I felt about it! Now I’m on it as well. The only thing is that folks have to exhibit some form of etiquette.. Like, if you’re out with friends at dinner, you shouldn’t be tweeting about every course… At a concert, don’t tweet for every special guest… especially at a rap concert… you get my meanin’

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