Due to our society's general acceptance of functioning alcoholism, the liquor companies have exuberant budgets for marketing their beverages. Take if from me, an ex-Coors, Fosters, Molson, Bavaria girl. These companies pretty much paid for a good chunk of my education (along side family help and my usual hussels, I'll save that for another post). As much as I disdain folks selling folks things they don't need, I also have an admiration for clever marketing (I know that doesn't make alot of sense, but I'd rather fight the battle from within, ya dig?). This admiration combined with the persona of Kanye West is pretty much the recipe for greatness. One late evening I was riding the subway home and I saw this bill board that said 'Be Kanye.' I almost missed my stop tryna take a picture of the ad. I was laughing sooooo freakin hard, thinking WTF and yes I needed more info. So I googled it and just as I suspected it was a liquor company doing the campaign. See the great thing about the liquor companies is that they know they are gonna make buckets of cash and so they have to get rid of the money in a fun way so uncle tom doesn't do them in the ass, thus doing marketing, just for the kick of it. Those subway ads don't even say Absolute vodka. That's how hard core they are. They just figure goons like me will blog about it and then they don't even have to say their name in super expensive billboards cuz I just did and I don't even drink LOL. Well my pals i really do think you should check out the mock infomercials. They def made me laugh.

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