Why I’ve Never…heard of this

Have you ever thought about how many different kinds of people live in the world? Now I'm not talking about different races, I'm talking about different individual people. There are some many lifestyles led by other people that I've never heard of before. Just watch an episode of Wife Swap to see how different people can really be from each other. Chanel's post about Costa Rica inspired me to look up types of alternative lifestyles led by my fellow citizens of the world.

An interesting subculture I came across was people who refer to themselves as "Quirkyalone". People in this group call it a mindset and a way of life. A Quirkyalone is not a quirky person that likes to be alone, but rather someone who enjoys being single (but is not opposed to being in a relationship) and generallly prefers to be alone rather than dating for the sake of being in a couple. Quirkyalones are more interested in friendship and companionship rather than a primary relationship because of a need for independence.

International Quirkyalone Day is February 14th. Yes, Valentines Day. This day was chosen as an alternative to "the marketing barrage" of Valentines Day. What do you guys think? Could be a quirkyalone? Personally, I have some of the characteristics, but am not quick to align myself with any particular group. I'm too young to be attached to any ball and chain and have a whole world to explore, so that's my excuse. If I'm still thinking this in about 15 years then maybe, just maybe I'm a Quirkyalone. If you want to take a quiz to determine if you are a Quirkyalone then click here. According to the quiz I am a borderline Quirkyalone (I scored six points). Check out the official Quirkyalone website here. Stay tuned for more posts on alternative lifestyles and whatever else I feel like babbling about.

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