Can They Dance?

We've all heard the saying, "white men can't dance, jump,etc" but is it true? Personally, I think it depends on where and how a person was raised to determine how well they dance. If you were raised in a dancing family then you probably picked up some steps over the years. Or, if you were raised in a community where a lot of people danced then maybe you danced too. Take for instance, Channing Tatum's character in Step Up. He was raised in an urban community and loved to dance, even his little sister in the film was a dancer. I do not think that we should look at a race and say "they can't dance". If you watch America's Best Dance Crew you should be able to notice that none of the teams that ever won the show were composed of only black people. They are usually made up of people from different cultures. That's why it's called "Americas"Best Dance Crew instead of "Only Black People Have Rhythm". The show represents America and the different forms of dance that people participate in. It's not just hip-hop, it can be clogging, or jump roping too. Let's keep it funky here, not all black people can dance. I don't care what anyone says about rhythm being in our bloodstreams. Some people just don't have it. Nowadays with all the bumping and grinding going on all a guy has to do is keep and strong standing position against a wall and let some over-zealous girl dance all over him. He doesn't have to move at all if he wants to. And, you call that dancing? Personally, I'm not a dancer. You will never see me dancing on America's Best Dance Crew. So do I think I can dance? Yes, but only because I have enough rhythm and a few key moves to get me by (barely). Why was he allowed to dance to the Ying Yang twins?

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