Okay so this is event for all of yous who want to ask tons of questions but don't wanna flip the bill for the "Ask Chanel". I'm thrilled to announce that I'll be the main speaker for The Asian American Arts Alliance's 2010 Brainstorm! Workshops Series: Selling Work Online. I will be speaking along with three expert discussants, and  then there will be an extended open discussion and Q+A. Date: Thursday, March 18, 6.30pm Location: NYFA/Asian American Arts Alliance, 20 Jay St, Brooklyn Cost: Free and Open to the Public! Click for more info!

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  1. Hi Chanel, Thank you so much for the wonderful presentation you gave at the Brainstorm seminar last night! I really appreciated the details of your journey, off- and on-line, and your candor about the challenges you continue to face. Congratulations with your fashion/art lines–I wish you every success! Warmest regards, Caroline

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