I'm working with the fine folks of Tough Dumplin (aka my husband) to put on the first in a series of Music showcases. It's calledĀ  'Where I'm From Tour.' This tour will feature one local musician/MC/band and one out of town musician/MC/band performing on the same stage surrounded by fun folk and talented visual artist that work in various mediums from fashion to sculpture. The locations of the shows will vary from city to city. The purpose of this tours is to expose musicians to various audiences. The breakdown of the traditional 'music industry' has given way to many amazing musicians that are able to build a local audience but are having a hard time touring and connecting with the rest of the world and like minded folk. These tour serve as a solution for this dilemma and will help to foster good music, make the world a bit smaller and bring back theĀ  live performance. The first Where I'm from show will take place on November 8th at Supreme Trading in Williamsburg. It's called Toronto Meets New York'. More deets soon to come! Pls mark your calender and sign up to the mailing list for more info.

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