I love creating designs based on vocabulary. It’s like the grown up version of sesame street…”brought to you by the letter b”.

While I was in Costa Rica, I had some interesting conversations centered around race and based off of a few silly questions/comments directed at me (as if i am the spokes person for ‘black’ America) such as ‘Do you like being black?’ and ‘It’s an honor to meet a black American, I love your music’ I came to two conclusions Americans of color must travel more, can’t let TV be your only global representation and it’s good for you, and that ‘blackness’ is a very warped strange commodity that gets lost in translation and is often irrelevant to most individual matters of communication. Remember we’re all human first (then all the other baggage, ie, male/female, ethnicity etc). So I present to you the black on black tee, it’s for everyone, it’s better than black on black crimes, or any crimes for that matter and kinda makes me chuckle.

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  1. I finally thought of a response to the question of “Do you like being black?”
    Response: The food is really good, but I hate the whole being followed when I’m in the [insert beauty supply, clothing, shoe,jewelry here] store part.

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