Remember when the internet first made an appearance at the office space? I don't I was still in high school and my dad and I would play a bit of a game and to see which big companies had a website it was 1997 and Nike didn't have a site, Quiznos didn't have a site (they probably only had like 2 stores...fact check they had 100) and a ton of other major companies where no where to be found in cyberspace. Flickr wasn't even a seed in founders, Stewart Butterfield and Caterina Fake nut sacks.  But companies and the country of China decided to get ahead of the game and offer 'intranet' instead of internet to their employees and citizens.  No waisted hours chatting or surfing because all the good shit has been removed. It's like sugar free cyberspace. Ya'll know me. I have a hard time bashing a strong country's policies especially a country with such a large work force, a different way of viewing it's social make up (the individual's needs vs the nation's needs) and a rich history and pocket. I'm a huge promoter of producing things locally or at least domestically because it makes more sense in the long run, not because I hate China. Okay I'll stop rambling and get to the point. Firefox came out with an 'intranet' type of  serach engine for China, saving the country tons or internet to intranet conversion screening time.  Hell if you can't beat 'em market to 'em
China Channel Screencast from fi5e on Vimeo.

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