Doing The Most

We've all seen him. That guy who rides around town in a $5000 car with about $15,000 worth of extra accessories on it. Maybe he tried to court you at the McDonald's drive through. Maybe it worked because now he's your boyfriend and after spending every cent he had that is the only place he can wine and dine you. Yes, the reason he can't take you to even buy a "Love It" cone at Cold Stone Creamery is because of that "Ice Cream Paint Job" he just had to have. Why? It's because everyone needs their 1965 Chevy Impala to look like "The Mystery Machine". This is an example of what street philosophers call "Doing The Most". According, to Urban Dictionary "Doing The Most" can be defined as, "trying way too hard to be impressive but only causing self-embarrassment". We see examples of "Doing The Most" everyday. The guy who spent his pay check on the newest Jordan's then turns around and asks you for a quarter. The girl with the long Remy weave who tells you that it's all her's because she's part Cherokee. Riiiiiight. If you bought it, then it's yours. Enough said. Of course Pocahontas is friends with the girl with the "real" Channel bag. You haven't heard of Channel? It's like Chanel, but it fell off of a truck. Never try too hard to be impressive and please, please, please always live within your means. "Doing The Most" is what caused the recession, in my opinion. Check out the following items that are "doing the most" :
This gold and diamond encrusted MP3 player costs $20,000.00 Without the extra "bling" you can purchase it for $79.00.
This set of diamond headphones can run between $3,500 and $80,000. Do yourself a favor and just go to your local Bestbuy or Dollar Store for headphones. They never last as long as they should anyway.
This piece was created during a 2009 collaboration between Pharell Willams and Takashi Murakami. The objects were encrusted by Jacob and Co jewelers with diamonds, emeralds, sapphires, and rubies. Entitled "The Simple Things" , the piece sold within the first half hour of its unveiling.
The Williams/Murakami piece above leads me to the following question: When does art become "Doing the Most"? I like the message behind the piece. I actually think it is pretty funny, but I just flabbergasted that someone paid an undisclosed amount for a bedazzled can of Pepsi. Then of course there is Lady Gaga. She is definitely a very creative artist, but is what she's doing really art or is she "doing the most"? What say you?

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