Every generation seems to think that the world is great peril (rightfully so) and worries about the future. I include myself in that 'every generation' bunch.  Loosely speaking the way we live and think about ourselves in relationship to our environments is all wrong and it seems that we will be facing severe repercussions for all that, but I ain't scurred. Our economy is false and falling apart but I'm not worried. BTW, if you haven't seen Zeistgeist, then stop reading this put that movie at the top of yer Netflix queue. Anyhoot, the way I see it, is that yer either dead or alive. If yer dead, then yer dead end of story. If yer alive then you should be living and filling yer life and the lives of those around you with livelihood.  That's my mission, that's yer mission. So what's that gotta do with the banks? First let me start off by mentioning my extreme disdain for banks...what a scam, 'I hold yer money, make money off yer money and sometimes charge you for holding or spending yer money. Over the last year since I've started Junkprints, I've grown to figure out more about the banking system, the credit/debit systems and the pillars of economics in the US. I'm no expert but I'm alright. In the quest to even out the financial power structures. I present to you, It's a P2P lender, which means that private lenders can bit on loan opportunities. The majority of there requests I found were for credit card consolidation (which is super sad). I also saw a disproportionate amount of soldiers and teachers requestiong loans. One the flip side, this type of service could be used more than loans, like, for start up businesses, health care, public art etc.  Hope this dropped a seed of inspiration on ya, so now go think of something amazing and get it funded 😉
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Making Junk! Yo! I need some freaking help over here in junkprints land. Click here to see the job postings. I would have posted this sooner but I spent the last few days searching for this most fitting throw back video by Barrington Levy (had to go to the vaults for this one). When I first saw this video I thought it was sponsered by the Jamaican government...word up. I know the quality is pretty bad, but the video is worth it! "Everybody must work, don't be a jerk" golden words of wisdom
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Hiya pals! I took a mini trip to Toronto last week and just got back early, this morning! Well it seems I wasn't the only one taking a lil time off, while I was gone a fire broke out at the place that does my hosting and so both sites were down for a chunk of the weekend...urg. O'well no use is crying over spilled milk, cuz I'm back and full of strange news. FIRST UP:  Sears'  Signs LL Cool J To Do Apparel Brand

It's true, Mr. Todd smith couldn't help but rehash the gold ol days as the face of FUBU and Gap and is now slated to be the mascot for a new line of casualwear for juniors, young men's, girls' and boys.' The first thought that jumped into my head is that at a time when Ashante is considered a thow back artist on BET, what 13 year old has heard of LL Cool J.? Sounds like hard times, nickles and dimes. SECOND UP: Naomi Campbell Charged With Assault

again? It's time for miss Campbell to make a gangsta rap album w/ all those charges
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Usually I'm not giving props to big ol companies who rip off lil companies, but I have to give it up to UrbanOutfitters for their Urban Renewal line. They've been at it for over 20 yrs and it's all manufactured locally w/ the help of 40 employees. That's pretty awesome. Read the interview with the head designer Dayna Haley.

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I don't understand why people say 'yo, that was fresh to death', or 'I was looking fresh to death' Dead things are rotting, their's not much fresh about death and I always thought that the saying should be fresh to life! and what's fresher to life than a cute ol' baby? A really close pal of mine is super knocked up and she's gonna have the freshest baby ever (at least until the next baby in the world is born). That's got the wheels cranking in my head. I often get requests to make some of my clothing in baby sizes but I'm really conflicted about imposing social perspectives on babies. Those lil goobers can't even see straight and it's kinda overkill to put an Obama 2008 tee on an infant. At the same time I hate when baby girls have tees with barbies on them too. In due time they will develope tastes and by the time pre school rolls around I'm sure most lil girls will wanna rock pink on their own accord (w/ some help from their super influential environments) and that's cool with me, I just don't wanna assist that.

FRESH TO LIFE TEE available at (jacket coming soon!)

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When I first moved to NY from Toronto I was shocked at the amount of plastic bags that are commonly used. Most bodegas and grocery stores double and tripple bag a freakin' candy bar. It makes no sense. I even stared asking them not to double bag and at first they looked at me like I was crazy, but I've got my regulars trained now and they gladly single bag, but I'll bring a tote. So I was pretty stoked to read that starting June 1st 2008 China  is banning free plastic shopping bags. Wanna know something even more progressive, this ban has been in place in South Africa since 2003! Booo Ya Ka! So that brings us to our next question....When is the US gonna jump on the band wagon?
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Hiya pals! Last week I decided to start a new project (I know, I'm always starting something). Now that I"m working out of this amazing space in Red Hook, I have room to make more junk! Space is def a commodity in the NY area and I've decided to put it to good use by making 100 Dresses. Each one is based off of the same pattern (that I made, look ma I'm a real dress maker) but will be completely different, different sizes, patterns graphics etc. Usually I debut stuff on etsy but I was so antsy to show off my new dresses that I took 'em to the Artist and Fleas Market on Sunday and the Uptown Emerging Designer market on Saturday and I've sold 2 already (I'm only on #7) Peep some of the pics.

Dress #1

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